A life without #hive. Would have been a less engaged life.

Salt is one of the most valuable ingredients in the loge of food. Take salt out and the taste will not be much appreciated.

But the place of salt in the life of an ingredient is not much seen as anything as it has the lowest cost value among them all.

I have sat to analyze vividly subtracting #hive from my loge and I discovered some loopholes that this platform has helped to cover even without me noticing.

Life would have been filled with so many lapses that even if I would have been able to cover it wouldn't have been easy to do.

But the presence of a hive in my life has helped to cover these lapses easily.


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My life without #hive.

Then it was a life that seems comfortable with all things around it but certainly not comfortable, a life that gets things done but with difficulty, a life that knows just what's happening around it even though it listens to news but yet lacks so much information about things around the world, a life that is limited with few friends from even within the environment where it lives, a life that barely gets solutions to little problems, a life that is limited with the level of creativity.

All these things are the loopholes I discovered subtracting #hive from my life. Still i have thought of how I would have managed to fix these things without #hive in my life.

Hmmmmm (deep breath). It would have been almost impossible if not impossible.

I started hive in the year 2020 the year I set out to make sure I achieve most things in my life but as time flies I was able to achieve some but yet to achieve so many.

A friend @shemzy introduced me to the platform, at first it was kind of hectic as I barely got what I wanted, then I was motivated by the stream of income he makes from his posts.

But when I joined the train I discovered the benefits gained are far higher than the income that is to be made.

The platform helped to boost my IQ as I engage in so many activities that are brain boosters I got to enlarge my coast in terms of writing, creativity and even designing that made learning much easier because I had to go through the works of others as well.

The platform has also done even more than expected by presenting friends from around the world without much stress. It has been a wonderful moment on the platform and I believe that more wonderful moments are yet to come as a newer version of people keeps coming up day after day.

Though I do not engage much in the activities that happen here the little time I get to do that gets me a lot of things that I wouldn't have got spending more time elsewhere.

I have grown to love #hive each day I write I do it with a joy expressed in me. Because I know I am not only writing for fun but there is a reward that awaits every writer up. One of the strongest motivations for everything one does is rewardingards he gets for doing it.

It keeps you alive and grants you more strength to participate more.

Thanks to the #hive platform.

All thanks to @rutablockchain

Invites @fj125, @deraaa, @emeka002

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