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The 2021 Hive highlight is a community challenge, which I discovered through @galenkp. Also thanks to @guiltyparties for this good opportunity to express our heart to the community. I'd also include a link here for anyone interested in writing their own 2021 hive highlight

I'd never believe it if someone told me the year would end on such a high note, me on Hive, because how the year began has been so discouraging that I've almost given up on it. But Hive has come to the rescue, and I've seen a few changes in my life over the last few months on this community. Through their content, I am able to meet new people, interact with them, and learn from them.

I joined Hive in July 2021, but began participating in early September due to school activities and exams, and a lot has come and gone since then. I've put in my best effort and instinct to give more to the community, though not enough, but will never give up.

One Particular Highlight Of 2021

I learned about this platform from @starstrings01 when we both returned to school, and he has been a huge help and inspiration to me ever since. He is more aware of my challenges as a newbie because it is necessary to experience things as a newbie, and he has tried to assist me in any way he can to overcome them.

However, on November 20th which was my birthday, @starstrings01 decided to surprise me by creating a blog as a love gift in celebration to me and delegating all of the rewards to me. It was a tremendous honor and deed for me. I had to sit down and think about it because it's a very rare thing to experience from friends nowadays, which makes that moment special for me, and I see this as a call to wake up from my slumber on Hive, and prior to that moment I'd almost given up on Hive because of my challenges as a newbie, the urge to do more on the community, getting upvotes and avoiding being downvote in the process.

It is wonderful to be surrounded by good friends in whatever we do because when a problem arises, they will be a great pillar of support. Friends like @ijohsen and @manuel6 are also there for me then, for which I am grateful.

2021 was a good year for me, and I decided to use a catchphrase like "am a thousand times better" than I was last year. I'm hoping for a better 2022, with more of me on the Hive platform.

Thanks for visiting this blog!

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