My Hive Highlight for 2021 | Finding my feet


I was wondering what kind of trend this was when I kept seeing posts about highlights. I took time to read some and I was captivated by the moments others actually shared as highlight. I want to say a big thank you to @guiltyparties for thinking about this sort of project. You can check it out here

Joining Hive around July was a life changer or an attempt at it because I didn't immediately see the big picture. Imagine when someone is telling you about something so amazing, so great that mere the thought of it is overwhelming. At first you'll think it's a crazy thought or something that was formed by that person and you start to doubt but you don't stop listening and trying to understand. Then suddenly you see the picture yourself and you're like, "Omg! Why didn't he tell me about this anytime sooner".

That's how it was like for me, I was offered the big opportunity but then I couldn't grasp it all at once. It was confusing at first, but I didn't stop trying to understand this thing that seemed so new to me. I'm always moved by the chance to gain new knowledge, so I pressed on. Then I got familiar with the Proof of Brain community but I still didn't understand fully how Hive worked. Then with time, I started to build relationships and read more and more articles in a bid to understand and I it started to come.

My main Highlight isn't really an highlight because it encompasses a lot of highlights. There's been so many high moments for me since joining Hive. For someone who wasn't really a writer, there were times when I felt like I didn't have anything good to offer but then @mineopoly proved me wrong a lot of times and he helped me grow through his encouragements and funny comments.

There were moments I felt like I won a lottery because my post was appreciated and others could connect to it. It's beautiful when you see people drop comments on a post you took time to draft out, you get to feel fulfilled. When you get the likes of the wonderful @dreemsteem and @samsmith1971 in your comment section it leaves you beaming with a lot of smiles.

Then I found the Hive-naija family, my relatives from another mother. It felt good to see people you share things in common with. It added to my best moments on this platform, I made friends with amazing people like @merit-ahama, feel in love with @iskafan and @deraa (even though she's got a man), I don't want to mention @khaleesii again because I've done that a lot. These and a lot more have been part of my growth, and each day they keep me going and I learn from them.

There really is a lot to talk about and I'll say those moments can never be forgotten rather easily. Samantha and Leah, with the initials S.L have been Seriously Loving me and accepting me for who I am, and I think their ritual of dropping really long meaningful comments is rubbing off me and it's really fun, hehehe. I wonder how Hive would be like without them in it.

I can't wait to build a bigger network of friends next year, this year really helped me find my feet. Next year I need to start building the right connections and strengthening my stake on this platform. I can already smell the good things coming, I just can't wait.

Merry Christmas to you my friends ❤️🎄

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