My Life Without Hive

While at school, I never knew how hard things are, since I was still being sent money by my siblings to cater for my needs. However, things became a bit hard for my siblings, as the rate at which they responded to my request for assistance in school was very slow. Then I realised that I can't just sit and be waiting for them all the time. I thought of what I could be doing to cater for my little needs.

However, the stress of being a full-time undergraduate student couldn't allow me to get a job. Hence I decided to get involved in online jobs. I was into networking and Ponzi schemes. Where you would be needed to deposit a certain amount of money, bring in people to register under you and in no time, make a profit of more than 100% of the input capital. With the testimonies of my friends and those around me, the whole thing looked legit, so I decided to join. There was this particular one that I had to use my house rent to join, with the hope of getting more than the amount I put in it. Unfortunately for me, I was among those due for payment before the website crashed. And that was how I lost my house rent.


I was so pained that anything that has to do with earning money online was a turnoff for me. However, meeting @dwixer — who introduced me to the Hive Blockchain, and his explanation of how the Blockchain works, I felt like giving it a trial, since I would not be needing to pay/invest any amount. And that was how my journey in the Blockchain started.

So far so good, my life with Hive Blockchain has witnessed a lot of progress both financially and in the area of self improvements. Financially, I have made more than three transactions that have yielded a reasonable amount, and have used them in settling some of my most pressing needs. The mobile phone I am currently using is a product of the Blockchain. Also, I have been able to assist my young siblings from the money I got from the Blockchain. And most significantly, the feeling of having something earning from and also has offered an opportunity of saving in, can be compared to nothing so far.

Also, I have improved a lot since I began my journey in the Blockchain so far. My writing and fast thinking skills have improved significantly. I can now come up with an idea within a short period and write so well about the idea, as if I have been harboring it for years. This is one thing I am so grateful of the Hive Blockchain for. Participating in some content has also given me some new skill sets such as editing, graphics, and so on.

However, without the Hive Blockchain in my life at this stage, I would have been lacking a lot. Especially in terms of finance. I wouldn't have been able to cater for my immediate needs. And this would be a bad story about a graduate of more than two years now. Also, I wouldn't have gone far in my writing skills, or acquired the new skill sets I have been able to acquire as a result of Hive Blockchain.

To an extent, getting to know about this Blockchain is a blessing to me and am grateful to all working towards the sustainability of the Blockchain.

I was invited by @shemzy and I would like to invite @filipz , @dwixer , and @ellenklech . Kindly partake in the contest.

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