My introduction: The homeless bee found a home called HIVE…

Hive has been like a home to everyone. I see myself as a little bee who had lost its home and became homeless in no time. It wasn't a good thing to keep on wandering across the world in search of a new home. After many lost journeys in life, this little bee finally found a home called HIVE! Little bee was so happy to meet with a lot of queen bees and many other bees 🐝 in its new home.

My story

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I am Adeleye Abdulqudus by name, and I choose to have my username as @abdul-qudus. I love using my name as my username just so it gives me that uniqueness and makes my identity show with ease wherever I find myself.

You might find some other names here on hive similar to mine, and that’s bound to happen. I am not the only bee in the hive. We have a lot of people who bear the same name as we do. But there is something that makes us different from each other and that’s our personalities…


You would also find an account with a similar username just like this @abdulqudus. Yeah, it EXISTED (the one without the hyphen). And I would tell you more about it.

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Just like I have narrated above before in my story, I said I was a wandering bee who got no home to rest my head on before I found a hive and it became my home. The account was created on steemit and that was around the year 2018. It was my first-time experience with the blockchain and I got to learn how to blog and also made my first time online friends there. It’s an account I cherished so much. But since the downfall of steemit I rendered the account dormant for years and was about to get back to hive again.

I learned that I could still make use of my old account on steemit to work on hive. I went straight to where I saved my keys and tried to login in with them. While I was battling with those keys, I must have mistakenly clicked on CUT instead of COPY. I felt they were still safe there.

While I tried to paste them into the website to login in, my clipboard duration had already elapsed. I tried pasting and it never posted anything. I was still confident in my backup. I went back there to copy again and to my greatest surprise, I couldn’t find my keys anymore. It was the worst moment for me that day. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Did I just lose my key 🔑? I tried every recovery method I could, but all proved no use. It was an old account and I couldn’t get my recovery account, it was a bot on steemit then. I cried having no one to wipe my tears. Then I felt like not having anything related to hive again. That was how a bee-like me became homeless in the blink of an eye.

With time, the pains subsided and I got to come back to blogging again. I reluctantly created a new account with the username including the hyphen. It was so hard to rebuild again from scratch but as time went on with the help of some community members I was able to become a writer again. And that's how I found my new home in a hive again…

I hope I made it CLEARER enough.

Let's get to know more about the author ✍️.


My own Image

My personal life

I am a Muslim with the name mentioned above and I am from the western part of Nigeria. I am from Ogun state and I speak Yoruba as my mother tongue. I also got to learn how to speak English and Arabic (though not so fluent in Arabic yet). I can also read both languages, all thanks to God and my parents for making me literate.

I am a little fair in complexion and I visited the world on the 21st of May around the late 1990s. Every time I remember I am about to exhaust my third decade on the earth's surface I always feel motivated to do better things with my life...

As a citizen of Nigeria, you just have to make sure you are strong enough to paddle your canoe on your own because you would hardly find someone to help you paddle it. I am the second child in a family of 8 (my parents included). I am a male child and I know someday I will become a man who has to cater to his own family and extended family. I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth and we are not poor. I came from a family background with an average lifestyle and a happy family.

My Education & Occupation

I am lucky to have scaled through the major challenges of education. Though we keep learning all day as learning never ends and no one is an island of knowledge. I am a first-degree holder at a federal university in Nigeria. I am a graduate of Agriculture and it became my passion. I have always wanted to become one since I was a child but I never saw that visible in the future. My love for nature has increased. I got to encounter it the most. I love to see things grow from nothing to something great and beneficial.

I also completed my service year which is a compulsory service to be rendered to the country after the completion of our studies. I served in the eastern part of the country and this must have been a challenge I took upon myself. It wasn’t my home town nor do I know about their language. But with time I got used to their way of life and had fun as I gathered more experience about the lifestyle in the east. I realized that was part of the benefits of the scheme.

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After being able to complete that for a year. I found myself in another phase of life where I have to cater to myself. It’s either I make it big or I start up small and grow. It's a choice to make. I never wanted to compare my DAY 1 with someone else's DAY 100. So I prefer to start low and grow older just like the seed would grow stronger from seedlings into a great tree.

I am hoping to get an agricultural job for myself and I would learn more about practical experience in agriculture. I would start up my farm gradually as time goes on and want to be an employer. I wish to have it come out the best among the best.

My Marital life

I am single for now and still have the hope of getting into a relationship as time passes by. Just like there is a saying that “THE ONLY WOMAN WHO LOVES A POOR MAN IS HIS MOTHER”.
Yeah, that’s right. And I also pray for a righteous spouse who would be my support in having us grow together in love, peace, and harmony. There is this saying that “A righteous woman can make a poor man feel like a king”. But I want to be a true king and she will be my queen…

My Hobbies

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I love doing a lot of things but recently they have become less and I have found myself doing some things more than others. I am a writer which makes me love blogging. I also love sports, cycling and tennis are one of my favorites. I love to cook as most times I find myself in the kitchen. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I also love playing games and most of the time I sleep as a means of taking rest.

How did I get to know about hive?

I was able to find my way through the hive chain all thanks to my dear brother @mcyusuf who introduced me to the hive world. And I would continue to appreciate his kind gestures and support towards making me who I am today. He has been like a pathfinder to me and I am grateful for that.

Area of specialization / Content I love.

I am a writer who loves to create content on free writing, fictional and nonfiction stories. I also love to take photographs, especially photos of nature in its natural existence. This is my niche and I would also love to read content on this too. Engagement is my thing also. I love to visit articles and make an engagement by leaving the authors some lovely comments and appreciating their content.

My expectations on hive blockchain

I am still a young bee here on the hive blockchain with low power and resources. But I have great dreams of becoming a queen bee or a whale bee who would have the power to support and encourage users on the platform. I spent a year on hive already but I am looking forward to a better version of myself next year! So God helps me…


How well would I have to write all these without getting to appreciate those who are worthy to be appreciated? It is said that a grateful soul receives more.
I appreciate the @hive-153850 community so much. It’s a pleasure to have come across this great community through my dear friend @iskafan. I was a newbie then and never knew my whereabouts on hive. The community stood to support me and enhanced my knowledge and abilities to become a better blogger.

I also appreciate the @hive-102879 community for bringing it to my awareness to make an intro post to hive to tell the world about who I am. It was a pleasure to be able to introduce myself here on the blockchain.

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I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my friends here on hive, I can’t mention all your names. But I appreciate your support and love as I continue to see us grow stronger in love. I also extend my appreciation to the @dreemport community for the unending support.

@lovesniper @indayclara thanks so much for making me write this. Here is my introduction post as you have tasked me to get it done...

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