Taking Responsibility For My Health

We are born with the ability to both listen to and understand our bodies. But as we grow, we lose that ability, as we are taught to hand over the responsibility of our health and well being to others. To those who are more qualified to understand how the body works. But surely, this is one of the most important things that we should be holding onto.

Good health, is a true representative of wealth. But instead we have been taught to value other things instead. It's easy, when you believe that there will always be a remedy or pill, that can fix us. Fix the side effects, but never the actual cause of our ill health.

Making the decision to prioritize my health and the health of my children, is why I live the way that I do. Understanding that our health is effected by so many different things, the food we eat, what we feed our minds, where we choose to live and those we surround ourselves with.

Just as our physical health, is connected to our emotional and spiritual health, so too is every aspect of how we live. Everything is connected, so everyday we make choices that impact our health.

Food is very important to me. If we are to look at our whole being, the food we eat, is what gives us structural support. It is what fuels us on a day to day basis. The closer we can get to eating fresh food, the more energy we receive. So greens are a big part of my diet, along with sprouts that I grow myself and avocados that I pick from the trees on the land I live on.


In order for our food to be utilized properly, we need to make sure that we have a healthy gut. There is also a huge connection between our gut and our brain. So I make my own kimchi, which you can see in the picture above. I made a paste with Tamari, garlic, ginger, green chilli and onion. This was blended altogether and it smells and tastes so good on it's own. For vegetables, I choose cabbage, carrot, red onion and beetroot.


Another favourite of mine, for good gut health, is Water Kefir. Which I have in my fridge at the moment, tomorrow I will drain of the liquid from the initial fermentation, which was made from adding sugar, water, a slice of lemon and some raisins to the granules. That liquid, which will be ready to drink, but I like to do a second fermentation with ginger. I am a huge ginger fan.

I rally believe that preventative medicine is best, but with everything that we are being exposed to right now in the world. It is important to have access to the right medicines and the right medicines for me and my children, have always been natural.

I like to collect my own medicinal herbs and I have a drying branch in my truck, on which I can hang them to dry. Making sure that they are away from direct sunlight, so as to not lose any of their natural oils in the process. You can see me drying Mullein, in the picture above. Which I use to make tea. It has such a wonderful affinity with the lungs.

I picked the flowers of the wonderful mullein to infuse in some oil. A wonderful remedy for ear aches. I also collected the flowers from the amazing hypericum plant, which I also infused in oil. It works so well, in healing burns, wounds and rashes. It's healing properties also work well for chickenpox, shingles and restless leg syndrome. You can see both oils in the picture above, where I use the power of the sun to help with the infusion.


If me or my girls fancy something sweet, then I make chocolate balls, with dates, nuts and lots of wonderful seeds, including hemp, pumpkin and sesame. I have been adding Reishi mushroom to them the last few months. Reishi, is a wonderful mushroom, that helps your body get rid of heavy metals and radiation. I also make Chaga tea regularly, another wonderful mushroom which has anti inflammatory properties and is wonderful for digestive system.

If you ask me, mushrooms and good health go hand in hand, for us and for the planet. And a healthy planet, is exactly what we need to focus on. Because what good is our health, if our natural environment is struggling.

I love to be active, to walk, to work in the garden, to dance, to write, to sing, to play. Things I have written many times about. All of these things, really help me to maintain my health. If I am not doing them, then my body suffers. Because I need to be able to release, to let go of those things, that no longer serve me.

Biodanza, has been the most recent addition and it has been so powerful, it has really strengthened my whole being. Moving me in ways that I never knew existed. It is so much more about connection than dance and it has highlighted how powerful human connection is and how much we really need it right now. It is amazing, what comes to you, when you are open to receive.

When I began thinking about all of the things that I do, in order to take care of my health, I really didn't know where to start, because there is so much. Living a life with no fear, is for sure very important to me. Living a life where I get to hold on to as much freedom as I can for me and my girls is another one. On top of everything, that I have mentioned up above.

The way in which I perceive the world around me, the steps that I take in creating a wonderful life for myself and my girls. The thoughts that I allow guide me. All of them are so important and all of them have been hugely influenced by my relationship with the natural world. I could not write this post, without talking about nature. I have written so many posts already, but I truly believe that if we all connected more with her, then we would all be so much healthier.

Nature, is our greatest teacher and she provides us with everything that we need in order to live healthy and in order to be in balance. Understanding our place within her cycle, and how those cycles affect us. There lies our truth path to good health.

Thank you @anttn, for the opportunity to share what I have learned about taking care of my health.

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