Method I adopt to stay healthy // Unity Toward Freedom Challenge

I avoid taking tobacco, I have stopped taking tobacco for more than a year but there was a moment in my life that I hardly stayed a day without smoking it to my lungs.

I see that this is a big change that I have made to improve my health, without constantly monitoring our health, we could have a serious problem with ourselves.

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I have a neighbor right here in my town who could hardly go a day without smoking, even with the advice of his wife and members of his church.

He wouldn't stop smoking, but he would only stop taking it for a few days and then sometimes you would see him escalate to smoking cigarettes again.

I'm not trying to say that it's wrong for one to take it, but the truth is, when a person finds out that smoking cigarettes is not good for his body, that should be a reason to quit, just like I did.

Millions of people we see on the streets are wandering around simply because they couldn't control the entry of cigarettes into their lungs.

It is now that I fully understand myself that all those days I was putting a lot of pressure on lighting cigarettes here and there, it was sending me nowhere good.

Because I am able to see the improvement in my health now that I can stop it and how my body responds to growth beautifully.

I was close to nowhere good, but I didn't know until now that I was listening to my body's reactions and that the food I could eat tasted so good.

Eating wasn't so easy back then because I felt so tired and full after lighting up a couple of cigarettes.

And at some point, I would even fight with people who don't deserve it, maybe a small argument will arise in the middle of people and I will perceive it as a fight.

These days I avoid smoking and I quit completely because I want to take good care of my health.

I don't want to be a fighter wherever I go but to remain at peace with my people and friends.

I see that the best way to take good care of our health is to take note of those things that are not good for our body, because when what we eat are the things we like and are not harmful to our well-being.
We will have good health for the rest of our lives.

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