How I take care of my health

Taking care of my health is my first priority in life because anyone that doesn't have good health can't have a good life.
There is a quote that says that "health is wealth", it is very true because a man that doesn't have good health can't live the life they have always desired.

He or she might not have the strength to hustle for the future which is not good, so taking care of our health should be a very important thing for us to do.

How do I take care of my health?

I am the kind of person that has a lot of worms that issue for me in my belly, it could be in the morning and once it happens in the morning, the rest of the day is ruined.

It prevents me from doing any other thing for the day and when it strikes in the night then the night is screwed because I won't be able to sleep throughout the night which will affect my next day's activities.

Am sure you must be thinking that why didn't I take medicine for it? The answer is yes I did but the medicine will only suppress it for some minutes before it comes back.

What do I use to suppress the worm?

Where I do buy the medicine, the lady told me to stop using medical medicine and that I should get ginger fluid and keep drinking it every day.

What is a ginger drink?

That was the question I asked her when she told me to get herbal medicine called ginger drink because I am not sure if I had seen such medicine before, so she wrote the ingredients for me to buy at the market

Here are the ingredients with their pictures




How do I process it?

Peel the ginger back, and rinse it so that there won't be any on its body again because anything you are consuming into your body system must be clean.

Peel the garlic and Tumeric back as well then rinse, and keep the 3 ingredients inside a very clean bow.

Wash your clove thoroughly because that comes with a lot of sand in its body and put inside the remaining ingredients that you have rinsed, they are ready for blending.

Pour them inside your blender and add 3 small cups of water for them to blend very well.

Blend it until there is no sign of them inside the blender again then get your net to sieve the unblended particles out of the water.

After sieving the shaft away, pour the fluid inside a clean container and cover it. It is ready for use then you can take it anytime and any day.

That is what I use to get a hold of the big worm disturbing my stomach every day and night because my health is very important to me so I don't want anything to take a good health I have away from me.

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