My Health Quest

Hello beautiful people!

Season greetings to you all. Hope you're doing good? Just be fine 🥰

With all sincerity, I'm very poor when it comes to taking care of my health and that's because maybe I'm lucky to be among those that seldom fall sick. The only health issue I usually suffers is catarrh (running nose) which a lot of people regard as inbuilt and not literally a sickeness.

There was a day I almost hated myself after listening to a doctor when I was on a bus traveling, he said if someone doesn't take drugs or get sick in a space of three months, that means there's something wrong. After hearing that, I began to check when last I took medicine and I realized that I had stayed more than five months without medicine. Honestly, I doubted what he said and I don't believe that till today, I guess he said that to make sales.

There was one particular movie I watched this year, it was all about surgery in the brain and they emphasized on the little things the cause brain tumor and I became scared because the things they pointed out are things we overlook. It's God that's helping us💪.

How I take care of my health

  • I don't joke with food

Foods( fruits and vegetables inclusive) have good contents that help us to stay healthy. Each time I meet a sick person, the first thing I asks is whether he/she has eaten, because food is medicinal, it has ability to fight and kill some symptoms of sickeness. You should know how vitamins help the body with strength.

I love food and eat a lot, food is the most thing that consumes my money and I don't mind doing that because as long as my body is filled and healthy, I'll have strength to hunt for more money.

One thing about me is that I have an advantageous body system, I eat and doesn't add weight, so it's a big win for me.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, there are some sicknesses that come our way when we starve and example of such is ulcer. Isn't it better to eat food and prevent it from occuring? As for me, I never believed in the realness of ulcer untill I felt a slight symptom of it, and ever since then, I eat well to block its symptom.

  • Peace of mind, happiness and laughter

My body system automatically goes down whenever I'm fighting a difficult emotional situation that's why I don't allow that to occur often. I guide my mind like I'm protecting an egg from breaking because it's so soft... that's the reason I want my hear to be rocky. Lol😂

Just like we know, the mind contribute positively or negatively to a large extent when we are sick, that's same way it brings depression when we think a lot which lead to sicknesses.

I'm not trying to be religious here but there's a part of the scripture that says "A merry heart works like a medicine" and that's 100% true. When we keep our heart rejoicing and happy, it has a way of keeping the body healthy. I know this fact and it's been helping me. There's this positive ignite I get in my body whenever I laugh genuinely.
It's said also that those that are happy always live longer, I believe on this and I try as much as possible to stay off anything that will make me moody. This is one of the reasons I love watching comic movies and thank God for the modern days pattern of video skits...

  • Exercises

There's a wrong understanding about exercising in my part of the world, we attach exercising to only trying to loose weight which is very wrong. Exercising does not only work on the physical appearance, it reduces the chances of getting sick and also strengthen the bones and muscles.
Although I'm not a fan of going to gym to do exercise because most of the gym centers are filled with ladies with multiple motives, but I engage on exercise at home via some heavy work. Or isn't that part of exercise? Lol😂.
I also engages in trekking, sometimes I do trek down to a place that I'm supposed to use a public transport.

  • I go for drugs

Just like I mentioned earlier, the only sickness I experience is the running nose which comes once in two or three months and anytime it comes, I usually go for pills. I do that to prevent the invitation of other sickenesses, you know; catarrh invites headache when it becomes severe.

Let drop my keyboard here

This is my entry to the questions asked in Unity Toward Freedom Community; How do you take care of your health. It's a contest and you're free to join. @fashtioluwa you should check it out.

Thanks for reading
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