Giving empowers Unity

Giving is an honorable thing, the one who receives is pleased and prays that the one who gives prospers more, it was on a Sunday morning like this, I was in my room, when I heard someone knocking on my door, I asked who the person was, but I didn't hear anyone answer me.

I was still in bed playing Assassin's Creed, I got up, put on my clothes and opened the door, I saw a boy who is not from the neighborhood, he greeted me, I asked him "are you looking for someone?" he said no that he's hungry, I should please give him something to eat.

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I checked the room, there was not many things on me, I asked him to follow me, we went out and this woman who sells food at the entrance, I told her to give him some food, after she gave it to him, I paid her and I feel like it wasn't enough, so I told him to come see me another day.

I didn't even remember to asked him his name or where he came from, all what I know is that he is from the neighborhood.

I went back to my room and could barely concentrate on the Assassin's Creed games I was playing, what I thought was. Why couldn't there be a balance in people's lives, who created status, that some people have to face difficulties, what would have been, if everyone was living happily without going through difficult times.

Two days later that same boy arrived in my house and when he arrived I was with a friend, we were sitting at the gate of the house, he approached me and handed me some guavas, I told him thank you he should eat it, but he hit his head and insisted that i should take it.

I picked it up and the boy smiles, his attitude tells me something, that there is honor in giving, he didn't give me the guava because he has a lot but he bought it and brought it to me.

Giving shouldn't be until we know we have enough, but giving when we feel like giving is fundamental and the best, because we have a little doesn't mean we shouldn't give, a little or a lot, it's so nice when it feels good with what we make.

We became so close, I remember that I met him with his family at the church a few days ago, this was where I have a words with him. I asked him what happened that day he came knocking at my door he replied he did something bad and he ran away from home. I told him not to ever ran away from the house again.

He told me they used to stay in the city, the father saw me talking to him and came to the spot, I greeted him and the man thank me. The boy do come to see me like a friend, I help him with his schoolwork more often, I see him as a brother.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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