The Effect of health care


Health as a performance in our body, it has the mental and physical way of showing a good example in our daily life. Living in good health helps in reducing some body pains, infection and disease, taking good care of your health will make things easier in terms of sickness and some critical effect in the body. I will used my self as a example to describe the usefulness of good health.

A time in my life when I was a little child, I see my self in a way of eating different types of meals, let me just say I love eating too much, maybe it was do to how I was raised by my parents.

One fateful day, I fall sick, extremely sick that lead to headache, muscular joint pains, infection, vomiting and so on.

My parents was worry that they couldn't control their tears in their eyes, they thought I'm going to die so quick. The health issue became serious and more effective, that course a lot of pains and adding more sickness in my body.

I went to see the doctor with my parents to find out what exactly is going on with my health issues. The doctor took out my blood and did a test to find what exactly is wrong because it was so serious and scaring still the extent things started coming out from my body.

The test came out negative in a way that my parents was so worry. The doctor told I and my parents that I'm suffering from food infection, maybe I have eaten something that lead to the sickness and I didn't notice in time, so the infection circulate round inside my body.

I was sad at that period in time when the doctor said things about my health issues, I know my family and friends told me how bad I eat and how it will lead to sickness, but I didn't take the advise.

I was happy when the doctor told my parents that the infection can be treated. Ever since when I was treated and my parents spend a lot of money on treatment, I was advised to know what I eat and to know the value and the ingredients before eating any food, in that way my health will be more better than before.

Taking more fruit than food will lead to good health, fruit as a good role in the body when you take it. I was also advised taking much fruit like Carrots, cucumber, water melon, pineapple and orange will make me look more healthy and fresh.

Living in good health is by consuming enough of protein, vitamins and fruit, in that way your health issue will be more taking care of.

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