Remedy: Science or Local remedy, Which do you use?

Since the beginning of time, we all know that sickness and disease are things the human race has battled with but as we evolve and develop we have continued to find a cure for one disease or the other. Back in the old times, we use local remedies to heal ourselves of sickness and as time goes on, we began to find more cures through science.

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Technology and science development have helped us a lot. A common disease that can be easily cured have taken the lives of countless people both young and old, but as human evolve we begin to find their cure.

To date, some people still prefer the local remedy to sickness than to the pills and injections. Some even believe that there are diseases that science can't cure but local remedies would.

Present Day Story.

In my house, we have a family doctor and a hospital we use anytime we are sick but sometimes my Mom prefers to treat us the local way instead of the pills and injections. This method is called the use of "Agbo"

Agbo is the mixture of herbal leaves and roots, sometimes it is cooked and some other Agbo are fermented before use.

4 days ago, one of my siblings was sick, she was tested for malaria and typhoid. This is a common sickness in my country and there is various way to cure it. You can either use pills and injections or Agbo so my mom opted for the use of Agbo.

We have many herbal plants in our compound and garden which my do take care of herself.

This one is called Ugwu. Most time it is prepared as food and when you want to use it without making it as food, they wash and squeeze its juice from it. They can use it with milk and many other ways. It is used for blood.

This is called "Ewe Tea" it's an herbal plant that you can only prepare for drug or tea as the name suggest. Most people use it for green tea. This leaf can not be cooked as something edible.

This particular one is called **Ewe laali ** It is used for antibiotics. Though it has other use apart from medicine but it is mostly used for medicine. This one too can't be used for food.

This is called 😐😐😐. I don't know the name. My mom do tell me but I already forgot. I just know she boils it with other leaves to make our health better.

This one is called Ewe Dongoyaro. Dongoyaro in another language means strong. That is, it is potent enough to be used on any disease but it must be on the local herbalist's prescription. All these leaves are what have safe me from the time I was a baby till this present time. As I said, I also do go to the hospital but sometimes, local remedy knows how to connect with our soul.

The meaning of Ewe in my local dialect means The Leaf

After my sister got pretty sick for sone time, my mom opt for the local remedy which she had been using and has never failed her. Agbo to the rescue. After she selected the right herbal leaf, she prepared it in a pot and made my sister drink from it.

Here are some of the results.

Soooooooooooooo. This is how I take care of my health most time if I don't go to the hospital. I'm sure many Nigerians who come across this post will surely know what Agbo is.

This blog is a challenge from one of my favorite communities @unitytowardfreedom #unitytowardfreedom Thanks to @anttn for the amazing idea. Kudos to everyone who is participating. Wishing you all the best.

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