What I Do To Stay Healthy

What I Do To Stay Healthy


it is said that health is wealth. Our bodies are all we have, if we fail to take good care of it we will be the ones to suffer the aftermath. It is totally our responsibility to see to it that our bodies remains healthy. There is no one out there who we will look after our bodies for us. The body is just like a machine, if it is properly taken care of, it gives us good result, it will aid us do the things we want to do peaceably and happily, on the contrary if we fail to look after it properly, it will become a burden to us. Same way proper servicing of machines makes them work effectively and improper care for them makes them misbehave.

Many individuals died not because it was time for them but because they were too careless about their health and more concerned about other things out there. They left their health decay gradually until it broke down completely. The funny thing is that it doesn't even cost a lot to care for our bodies, it just need proper attention. There are many natural ways that won't even cost us much but are more effective in boosting our health . We only need to go for small research and we will discover them.

What I do to take care of my health.

I am most conscious of my health above anything else, you know why? If my health is gone, I won't be able to do those other things. I can quit my job if it threatens my health. With my health intact I can do far better than I lost yesterday. Well below are few things I do to take care of my health.


Eating a balanced diet : I know that things are hard, it is very difficult to feed these days. People are suffering but it doesn't stop us from eating the best meal, even if it's just twice we eat a day, we should ensure that they contain the necessary requirements for a balanced diet. For my meal I ensure that I take what wont be harmful to my body system. I go for meals that are rich in proteins, I am a liver of beans and vegetables. I avoid eating more of a particular kind of food like focusing more on the carbohydrates, instead I ensure I get little of all the classes though not the expensive ones. There are many cheap and harmless nutritious leaves in the market, crayfish, and fruits that can build our health. We don't have to be rich before we can eat well.

I also avoid drinking, eating, sniffing and smoking toxicated things, I avoid alcohols, cigarettes and the rest. Money can not buy health once it becomes damaged sometimes that is all. Therefore I avoid whatever can riot my health. Smoking and drinking kills, most of us know this yet we still indulge in such act, it is a great dishonor to our body.

Stay healthy and you will be rich

Taking my bath regularly : regular Washing of the body can help take away germs from our skins. It also refresh the body and prevents body odour. It is also nice for us to be mindful of the kinds of chemicals we use on our skins in form of creams, and perfumes. For me I go for the most natural and simple creams. Some creams are bad, they can bleach our skins making them vulnerable and irritating. I take my bathe thrice a day, Morning , afternoon and evening, it makes me feel refresh. Bathing is very good ,it can even prevent the body from skin rashes.

On the other hand accompanied with bathing is wearing clean clothes, including underwears. I endeavors to wear my clothes once and wash them before I use them again. Our bodies are designed to sweat, each time we wear our clothes we sweat, the clothes might not necessarily look dirty but I bet you, they are , if only you can view them through the microscope hehe😂. And our underwears ought be cared the most. Improper care for them can be harmful to the body. Left to me it is advisable we change our underwears each time we take our bathe. If we do not have much we can wash the one we just changed and allow it dry while we use a new one. The body needs to be treated like gold.

Regular check up : medically it is advisable we go for medical check-up atleast every month, so that we can know what is wrong with our bodies. Like it is been said prevention is always better than cure. Although I don't follow the rules of monthly check up, I do mine from time to time and it has been helpful to me. Each time i go for check up, I know what is wrong with me and given the appropriate medication that even prevents the disease from becoming severe leaving me on the safer side. It also prevents me from taking drugs anyhow.

I am being so conscious on taking drugs, I know drugs are chemical substance, they also have side effects as well as they are good. I avoid taking drugs without the doctors prescription. Too much drugs on the body on it's own can endanger our healths.


Regular Exercising : I do not take the issue of exercise my body for granted. Everyday when I wake up from sleep, the first thing I do is go for my push ups. It helps my body feel good and agile. Exercise doesn't only make the body agile but it also excretes harmful substance from the body in form of sweat. There are other times I do go for jogging and for long distance trekking, it also makes my body feels normal.

I avoiding negative thoughts my mental health is also something I guard jealously, I avoid anything that can pose any emotional pressure on my mind, I try my best to stay away from depression and anxiety. Depression can cause us to go through series of irrelevant thoughts that can harm us, it is best we ease our mind and enjoy this life we have. I push every negative thought away and play my music , I ensure I see the positive instead of the negative in all I do.

Rest I ensure I give myself enough rest by enjoying a good sleep whenever it is needed. I take break from work too, each time I work and I discovered that my body needs rest I don't hesitate to take a break to ease myself. if the body is been over worked it can break down as well.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Thanks to @anttn for this wonderful initiative, I wish the entire world would come down here and check this out, our health, our greatest asset.

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