What is life without good health?

Everything we hope to get can only be achieved when we are in good health condition. Without that, you may actually just be existing.

I remember a time, I was much younger then and my big brother who loved to eat developed serious stomach issues and fell ill. I recall what my mum said when he was getting better, she said, "garbage in, garbage out. Your body is responding to and reacting based on what you fed it with". It was very funny to us kids then as we only used that phrase during computer classes back at school. Right now, I understand the phrase better. It makes much sense.


Life is amazing but good life makes it perfect. I rarely ever fall I'll and I sometimes want to attribute that to a health-conscious lifestyle. I do not spend a lot for this and here are the simple yet practical measures that I uphold;


  • I incorporate lots of fresh vegetables in my meals. My dad loves his veggies. He always has. I did not always like it but with time, and knowing the benefits they offer, I found a way to prepare them to my taste.

  • From infancy,some of us have been taught about balanced diets. On my part, I make sure to eat foods rich in all classes. Who wants to suffer a deficiency based on lack of one of those?

  • The environment in which I prepare my food matters to me. So, I make sure to keeps my cooking area clean always,and, properly wash all of the items and food stuff to be used.

  • Never do I stay dehydrated. I take a glass of water first thing every morning. It aids blood circulation and bowel decongestion. I also take occasional sips of water during the day as I tend to not get thirsty often.

  • Also, I do more of fresh fruits than soda and canned drinks.


I'm not someone who likes to take herbs or natural roots. Frankly, I barely use them, maybe because I wasn't groomed to or because I know they're bitter.

But then, I try to add them in some particular foods I make cause I know how necessary they are for a balanced health. For my stew, I like a fine blend of ginger and garlic especially for their characteristic rich flavour and aroma. I also always add ginger to my zobo(hibiscus) drink.


In maintaining health, food is not just enough so I engage in exercises. I got pulled into brsik-walking while in high school. I also join my siblings for road walks too, but on days when I cannot partake, I turn to yoga(which I do for about 15 minutes). After that, I skip and practice other indoors activities. I like how light, refreshed and calm they make me. Whilst the exercises are geared toward my physical health, yoga focused on my mental health.


It is impossible that I overwork my body and expect it to not breakdown. I also do not overwork any part of my body be it; my legs, me eyes, etc, as one part being weary affects the body and my output. I take breaks in between work and try to sleep the recommended number of hours daily. Rest and sleep calm the muscles.

Being healthy doesn't cost as much as paying for health care and ailments. I make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle which would have no adverse effect on me. Your methods could be different.
The main aim is that we pay better attention to our health. For our good.

Thank you @anttn for this contest. The articles I've read from other participants are very insightful. I hope we do this often.
@emreal, do well to check this out How do you take care of your health


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