Staying Alive.

The body needs rest, and sleep is extremely important in any health regimen. There should be three main things: eating, exercise, and sleep. All three together in the right balance make for a truly healthy lifestyle. ~ Rohit Shetty

Life is beautiful and complicated but hey! we are alive so that means one has to be grateful init?

Life’s complication makes one sick that you get scared cos you never know what tomorrow holds but then we don't have to let life's complications get to us.

The year is at the very end and here I am a grateful soul, happy that I am alive, thankful for every challenge passed through, and ready to face the next one.

You’d ask, where am I going with this? Doesn’t the title state stay alive? How do I go about that? Yeah, I will tell ya things I engage in to keep me healthy and the first thing is exercise, the second is food, the third rest, and last but not the least on the list which the presence of nature.

Moving on to the first in line...

Exercise is the first thing I do after praying as exercising help with the body’s regulation of blood, keeping one fit, agile, and ready for any task laid ahead.
And here is my fav place to do it now.


Exercising is one way to healthy living as we burn lots of fat in the process which may have caused health complications or lead to death, that is why waking up to this does make me feel so energetic every day that I could lift a house with one hand, hehe… come on, don’t look at me like that.

The next one on the agenda is...

Food, which is life and my food begins with taking water which is one of the seven classes of food. Yeah, it isn’t six anymore, wait doesn’t tell me you don’t know. Well, we have seven now a bonus point for ya.

Alright back to my healthy living which begins with water which is taking after exercise and visiting the toilet afterward but sometimes I add a bit of ginger and garlic in my water, like boiling it and then drinking it when it is a bit warm.

After that, I do the eating which happens by 8 or 9 a.m. for breakfast with something not too light, and then lunch if the Lord allows it at 2 or 3 dinners at 6 or 7 or maybe 8, and below are the meals for the day thank God.

Here’s for breakfast…

And this.




And dinner…


Hehe.. moving on to the next one which Is....

Rest, the body does need rest after the day's job.

Some may see resting as a waste of time and we don’t have to play the blaming card as the world right now isn’t all rosy but still, rest is needed to keep us sane.

A tired body has ways of messing up with the mind and affecting our health which is why I take time to rest.

Resting can come in different ways, sometimes all I do is just lay down on my bed and stare into nothingness clearing my mind of any thoughts.

Other times I meditate while sometimes I read or listen to music which helps a great deal to purify my mind and makes me feel relaxed.

When I say music, I mean blues like Celine Dion, Joe, R-kelly, and the like.

Resting has helped my reasoning ability and made it easier to make decisions which is a good thing.

I am super glad I took time to rest much to my fund dismay and have been absent from Hive this week, phew.

It has been a battle between my mind and my body and this time around the body needed rest which I couldn’t deny and having this rest has lowered the aches that I felt here and there.

And the last on my healthy list is the breath from nature and feeding my eyes and soul with nature’s blessings.

I would have loved to share the picture of the beach but I haven’t gone to one in a long while, not that long though but well it is to me.

You may never know this but there is this loving feeling nature has to it that calms me and breathing in the fresh air that comes with it feels like a drug to my sanity which aids my health.

To tell you, nature’s beauty has a lot to offer and the more time you spend around it, you’d see that it does aid healthy living.

And here is a picture.


Here we come to the end of this post for the year on Unity Toward Freedom Community owned by @antnn and the question asked which states "How do you take care of your health" you can join in if you wish here and tag me in if possible.

All images used are mine.

Still yours truly,

Thanks for stopping by and reading to the very end.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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