My health, my happiness!

" How do you Take Care of your Health... (and perhaps the one of others) ? "
By @anttn

This question got me thinking if I'm doing enough to care for my health but I will love to share with you all what my daily routine is like when it comes to my health.

As a fashion designer, I've always been occupied by so many jobs, from knitting to sewing to crafting, and most times I spend all my day and even the night working especially now that it's the festive period.

However, I know that health is wealth and so if I fail to care for my health whatever money I make would be spent on my health here are my few steps.

I've come to realize that sleeping is very important for my health, one thing I've learned is to have a good and functioning memory or retentive memory, one must get at least 7 -8 hours of sleep.
I make sure I do not joke with my sleep.


Here is a screenshot of what my daily reminder or alarm looks like.
This calls for discipline because I might still want to be occupied by Other things, but as soon as this pops on my screen, I obey, I pray and then sleep.

Medical checks

I bought some basic medical instruments.
This is a thermometer.
I use it to check my body temperature, rather than assuming, this helps me to be sure if my body temperature is fine or not.



Here is my automatic digital blood pressure monitor, it's very easy to use, as it has a voice function, which not only helps me check my blood pressure but also my heartbeat.
Most people die as a result of negligence or ignorance.
One thing you should know is that blood pressure doesn't happen to the elderly alone, there are so many side effects of blood pressure.
The last part is a stroke and then a heart attack.
So from time to time, I check my blood pressure as soon as I'm up from bed, to know if I will be needing more than enough rest for the day.


And here is my blood sugar meter.
This is a very good and important medical instrument. I use it to check my blood sugar level, this is a great way to avoid diabetes, as young ones we eat a lot of junk and sugary food without thinking of the consequence or damage it might cost us.
I do this check-up every 3months in keeping my blood sugar in check.

These medical instruments have been of help to my aged mom too. I ensure I check her temperature, blood sugar, and blood pressure every day before leaving for work.
This has helped to reduce so many crises.

Once every three months, I ensure I visit my doctor to do other medical checks beyond my power, if people detect their health status quickly enough, they would be best enlightened on how to deal with it.
I do all of these for the sake of my future. I still wanna be strong and healthy when I'm old.

Good diet
I eat a lot of vegetables.

This is the African Basil, popularly known as scent leaf in the country I come from.
It is a very beautiful veggie, it also regulates blood sugar and adds scent to food. It is also known for fighting sinus and cholera and when smashed as a paste applied on the skin, it is a good skincare routine.

This leaf is edible, I also ensure eat enough of this veggie.


This is the Vernonia amygdalina, popularly known as Bitter leaf.
Haha, this leaf is quite bitter but has a sweet taste after being taken.
It helps to burn fat and eliminate cancer and high cholesterol in one's system. All these veggies are edible and part of my diet.
I use them to prepare food like jollof rice, soups, and stew.

I replace industrial sugar with honey.


I also ensure I eat an egg a day, eat a lot of fruits, and avoid fries as much as I can.

To help others I make sure I prepare a healthy meal for myself and my family, and we try our best to eat as early as we can before going to bed.


We all know the benefits of taking water, I ensure I drink at least 2.5 liters of water in a day.
I'm on the early morning water therapy, it works like magic, it gives my skin a radiant and beautiful look, and helps me remain active and hydrated for the day. Wherever you see me, you see my water beside me. I replace soda with water and that's a way to a healthy life.

Eye care
I practice a lot of eye care, as they say, the eye is the lamp of the body, being a writer and seamstress, my eyes are very important to me, on that note I got myself protective eyeglasses, to protect my eyes from direct sunlight, dust, and wind.
And on my phone, I ensure I activate the eye care setting to protect me from the blue screen.

This is something I don't joke with,
The gym around my location is quite far, I made sure I downloaded the Abs workout app.


The beautiful thing about this app is, it has voice instructors and even tips to stay healthy.
The workouts aren't easy but it is worth it in the end.
Each day has its workout and after every three days, the apps encourage me to take a rest from the workout and resume the next day.
On weekends, I encourage my momma to join me while we work out together enjoying good music.

Proper hygiene
I have made it a ritual in the house to always wash our hands immediately after we get home from wherever we went to even if we are eating immediately or not and I'm glad, my family has gotten used to that.


And I ensure we still go out with our hand sanitizers.
Each member of the family has theirs to tag along with.
Where handwashing may be difficult, we make use of sanitizer.

Good relationships with others/ vacation
If there's anything else I know that boosts healthy living is living at peace with oneself and those around you.
To be at peace with others involve tolerance, good communication and letting go of resentment.

On that note, we have a day set aside every month to hang out, taking a time off to visit friends and family and take a tour around the hood and beyond.

I ensure I reach out to my loved ones via face time, WhatsApp chat, or a phone call, it goes a long way.
Feeling loved improves good health, so when it is in my power to show how much I care about those I love why shouldn't I?

It's quite amazing spending your day with your loved ones. It is therapeutic and helps to reduce stress when you're gisting and laughing.


Good enough the holiday is almost here, so we have enough time to hang out and forget about work for a while.

I'm so excited.


All images used are mine

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