Meme Announcement & A Contest.

I am smartly taken up by this community who bring small hilarious content through meme. It is only for the fun intent and I appreciate, everyone who takes each meme only for a smile.

I am not good at making meme but inspired by my fellow hive user @bhattg trying to see, if I really pitch into funny content.


The meme made using a free website for meme and gif making. You can check into this link

It is very easy to make meme on others images. But making people smile and laugh on own/self images is something completelly different. It requires stro g guts and xharacter to see people smiling on your own images. Considering this, I am inviting people to make meme on my own picture.

(the images is taken during holi festival)

Mentioning few regular @memehub users to let people know of the funny contest. Therefore, I invite @bhattg @anonymmemes @catharsis @memeisfun @hivelander @emmanuel.willy @cmmemes @antisocialist and all other @memehub users to :

Make something funny, hillarious and interesting, on the above images but only related either with Hive or Crypto or life.

Be a Gentlemen,avoid using offensive or foul comments and respect other sentiments.

  • Make post only at c/Memehub community.
  • Be smart, Be funnier, be creative.
  • All entries will get my 100 % upvotes.
  • As I am putting up my own face, do not 3xpect any more reward.
  • I would be happy seeing other users pouring some love to reward the best meme through @hive or @memehub community.
  • To get your meme noticed, mention my name on your @memehub post or put the link into this post comment section.

Looking forward to get respect on my images and see some funnier meme entry. The contest is intended only for fun.

(@memhub community & @antisocialist (admin) extremelly appoligize for organising this kind of a quick contest without permission)


Namaste @steemflow