A silent Whisper & The Goosebumps - Tale of Dogecoin owners.

Crypto world is completelly volatile. One can assume the turnaround at any time. So after Dogecoin "hustle" after Bitcoin "suspension" , there is a new Whispering Tweet that is going all around. This time again from the same person who is single handedly maneuvering the crypto market as per own wish.


This silent tweet which comes soon after Bitcoin plunges below 50k. Everyone started to take up their own gamble and stand on this tweet. Some belive it is kind of apologize or some very much watchful on market movement. Here is the tweet screenshot from Twitter.


I feel the tweet is an indication for the dogecoin owners who might be feeling the goosebumps after the recent tweet. Many already lost so much of wealth, and the "Don't Panic" tweet must be another upcoming uproar in crypto market.

I made a dangy meme thinking of the people reaction after the silent tweet. The meme is only for fun purposes and made at www.imgflip.com. Here is original link of my tweet.

Hope you enjoyed the little meme fun.


Namaste @steemflow