"ill understand posting one day"

Memehub Update, Stonk Market Countdown


The website has been updated!

A complete look and feel redesign with some persisting elements.

Meme Emojis now work more like discord emojis now.

Link to Hive post added where applicable.

One Post per day limit to Hive and Memehub each added. So one post to Hive and Memehub, and one post to Memehub only.

CHECK IT OUT! Take me to Memehub!

REPORT BUGS! or give suggestions on Memehub's Discord Server!


The Stonk Market isnt functional yet as I have to build up data and run through the AI system to initialize the market. I estimate it will be running in a couple days and you will be able to trade memes templates in market where prices are based off real world internet meme data.

There is a new points system on Memehub for trading on the Stonk Market called Good Boy Points in memory of the dead NasDanq project.

Sorry this post isnt fancy, I gotta get back to development ;) I think Ill just give smaller updates via short dbuzz posts as they happen. Long form posting isnt my thing. So stay tuned as I release more news on updates!