Release the Coronavirus

Im sickened by the Chinese propaganda during this outbreak. Not only have they been hiding the outbreak for as long as they can, and made up their own numbers, and told doctors warning people about the outbreak to stop their "illegal activity of spreading rumors", but also China is trying to paint its self for its action as the ideal savior of the world.

This is not happening only in Chinese media. DW, NYtimes and Washington post has picked up on their propaganda stories.

  • "Oh wow Authoritarianism is ideal against outbreaks. Just look at the numbers coming from this authoritarian source. Makes the videos almost OK of people that are welded into their homes, locked into quarantine boxes, beaten for not wearing masks, or simply forcibly quarantined for showing contagious behavior like journalism".
  • "Oh wow China is doing lung transplants on corona patients, never mind the results of the China Tribunal proving that an overwhelming majority of Chinese organs are coming from the persecuted religious group Falun Gong, which china keeps in concentration camps since 1999".
  • "Oh wow China helps countries fight the outbreak, how kind of them, never mind that these already deeply indebted countries have to pay for it more, while 80% of the bought made in China corona tests ended up not even working".
  • "Oh wow closing off flights from China is racist and according to the China funded WHO an over reaction but its ok if Russia does it?"
  • "WHO: Lets clarify that a virus, coming from the country that funds us the most. is despite following WHO pandemic definition not a pandemic for 1 more month"
  • "WHO: Only trust WHO information Covid19, and according to WHO, Taiwan is a province of China and China is the most amazing and if the heads of WHO had corona virus they would want to be treated in China, nevermind all the forced quarantine, beating, and organ harvest for 'doner' lungs"

If reminding people that this is propaganda by calling it the "Wuhan virus" is "racist", then lets just call it the "CCP virus".

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