Market vibes

vitalik donations.jpg

Since we had celebrities pooping all over the crypto world this week, it wouldn't be fair to ignore Vitalik's little stunt which tried to save India from the pandemic with a new meme coin. While I respect the fact he had good intentions, and any help during such crisis should be encouraged, I don't think memes cures covid, because I would be obscenely rich by now if that were the case.
I wonder what was the thought process of sending a meme coin ( Shiba Inu - a copy of dogecoin as far as I can tell) as relief aid, why not sell some ETH and send some freedom dollars, everybody loves those. Or if he really wanted to prove a point that crypto can be useful even in these situations he could have used some stable coins or whatever.
Anyway, as long as the markets keep vibing like that white cat and the music keeps going I still hope this bull run has some nice surprises in store.

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