March meme contest winners! ( 90 Hive in prizes )

It's finally time to announce the contest winners, sorry for the delay but I was very busy this week with work and life in general, thank God for weekends. So, are you ready for a lot of winning?


Without further ado, here are the contest winners, picked by our glorious Meme Leader @memehub, who also provided the prizes from his endless generosity:

In first place with a big wad of cash consisting of 50 Hive comes @horstman5. Loving the way he sees Hive :P

hive cash.jpg

In second place sits @pokecrypto with a meme about our favorite community for which he wins 25 Hive

memehub meme.jpg
source: @pokecrypto/221e443d763873cd28a5778a254df79ec6b87a1eb78c54058ce765a98e93e938

And finally in third place we have a veteran memer @anonymmemes which wins 15 Hive for his bashing of traditional social media :D
source: @anonymmemes/35f4362d52a4fd23cfef24a605abd07e93a69a9d8b013fee12e6cae116dbef12

Bonus prize: 5 Hive goes to @yieldgrower for this little gem that made me lol.


source: @yieldgrower/even-shitcoins-have-their-moment-in-the-sun-in-bull-markets

hive cash.jpg

Congratulations to all the winners! and also to everyone who made others laugh through their memes.

The bonus prize is from my own Hive that I want to contribute to the contest to encourage a talented memer of my choosing.

The other Hive prizes will be sent shortly by Our Meme God and Savior @memehub, for which he has our eternal gratitude and our follow. If you think other people should have won, remember: I don't make the rules, I'm a simple pleb that works here in the meme salt mines :P

Meme contest ideas wanted


We need your awesome meme ideas for the next contest: you can leave your ideas as a meme posted in the memehub community or via with the title of "Next Meme contest idea (and whatever you want to write next)". You should write a few sentences detailing the idea. Also don't forget to tag me and @memehub in your post so we don't miss it.

Only a maximum of 3 ideas (posts) per user, so please don't tag us all day long, everyday. (Please follow community guidelines when it comes to posting: a maximum of one post per day)

You can submit your ideas until April 15th.

Now go out there and make some dank memes!