Bitcoin dodgeball


Bitcoin has proven once again that it's very bouncy and can reverse it's free fall whenever it feels like it. I'm sure the FUD got to a lot of people and the week hands had a really bumpy ride, but for the people that don't really give a shit when the markets are red it was a real spectacle. Not all coins were as bouncy as bitcoin though because some shitcoins kinda stayed low and will probably recover only once the greed reaches peak levels again.
After seeing all this money being wiped out I hope we are in for some killer run to all time highs, at least until the FUDers start throwing bitcoin around dodgeball style.
This is my first meme-gif by the way, it took me a while to find the gif I was looking for, a nice online gif editor and so on, so I hope it makes you smile at least :)

P.s: I think my man @anthonyadavisii is proud of me now :P

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