When ETC decides to PUMP after you sold! 😖

Sometimes, this is just how the crypto cookie crumbles...

Watch video with audio on @dtubeFinally figured out the Skynet embed 😤!

    So, apparently there has been a lot of fuss on TikTok about ETC being a more affordable ETH.


    Truth be told, I only bought as I wanted to use it as a vehicle to deposit to my Bittrex as setting up the fiat deposits were kind of confusing.

    I converted to USDT once it was up in value and then bought BTC with it. Technically, I am still up on the investment but, in retrospect, may have been a good idea just to hold a couple in case of an event like this. Then again it could have crashed so ya never know.

Hindsight is 20:20. 🤓

MFW I heard from @joythewanderer that ETC was pumping

    Keep in mind that ETC is a crypto that has been 51% attacked multiple times so perhaps it won't end well. See the following article:

Crypto Investors Have Ignored Three Straight 51% Attacks on ETC

Interestingly, I sold before this article and do recall hearing about at least one of the attacks

In any case, ETC doesn't compare to DTC, SiaCoin or Hive for sure.