WATP Statistics - #14

Hello #Hive,

I know that this post, for a lot of you, is not necessary and maybe even useless, but for me, it is a way to be completely transparent with the past posts' payouts & contributions.
As such, I will keep them coming but not as often as I used to do. I might publish the statistics every 2 features only.

I have however reviewed the previous charts and I have decided to remove some and change others. The idea was to keep only the most important and informative ones. If I'm missing something or if you think I should change something, please let me know.

Until recently, all the contributions were recorded as HBD, so when someone would send some HIVE, I would convert it to HBD and record it as such. Recently, I started receiving more HIVE and so I decided to review all the previous features and readjust everything to reflect HBD and HIVE separately. This is why there are now 2 charts for the contributions.

So, enough talking, here are the latest statistics!

Editions Statistics

It was decided before that the reward video as well as the statistics posts' HBD payout would be kept in @whoaretheyph's wallet to be used for features with a monetary payout lower than php500. As of this post, there is HBD 46.543 available in the wallet for that purpose.

Monetary Reward Trend

The chart below shows the trend for the last 12 features in terms of monetary reward (Philippines Pesos PHP) handed over to the featured individuals.

Monetary Reward Breakdown

Each reward is composed of 4 parts:

  • The post payout
  • The HBD contributions
  • The HIVE contributions
  • The PHP contributions

The latter is the little extra PHP amount I add to round up the total amount.

The 2 charts below give a breakdown of those 4 parts for each feature. The first one with the PHP value and the second with a percentage of the total amount.

Upvotes Trend

Here is the trend for the number of upvotes on the past features.

Comments Trend

Here is the trend for the number of comments on the past features.

Total Reblogs

Here is the trend for the number of reblogs on the past features.


As of today, @whoaretheyph has received a total of HBD 350.666 from 15 contributors and HIVE 413.121 from 16 contributors.

HBD 337.666 and HBD 373.121 have already been used for all the previous #WATP editions.

A big thank you to @ybanezkim26, @discoveringarni, @romeskie, @iamraincrystal, @kayceeports2020, @wandergirl, @iamyohann, @fronttowardenemy, @kneelyrac, @viking-ventures, @josejirafa, @whoaretheyph, @bigtom13, @jubei333, @macchiata for their HBD contributions and to @iamyohann, @ybanezkim26, @sagadahoctrott, @romeskie, @trangbaby, @glecerioberto, @crazy-andy, @phortun, @macchiata, @juanvegetarian, @jurich60, @thegaillery, @wandergirl, @viking-ventures, @hive-data, @mrnightmare89 for their HIVE contributions .

HBD Contributions Received

HIVE Contributions Received

Remaining Contributions

ContributorRemaining HBD ContributionRemaining HIVE Contribution
HBD   8.000
HIVE   0.000
HBD   3.000
HIVE 20.000
HBD   2.000
HIVE   0.000
HBD   0.000
HIVE 20.000
HBD 13.000
HIVE 40.000

Top Upvoters

Of course, these monetary rewards would not be possible without your upvotes and some Hive Whales/Orca support.
Here is a list of the top upvoters on the past #WATP features

I would also like to thank @hiveph for all the support and for making @whoaretheyph one of its posts' beneficiaries. The help is very much appreciated.

This is it for the current status, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

For all of you being tagged to this post, leave a comment if you don't want to be mentioned in the future