Some struggles in starting out Hive for newbies and how you can adjust yourself against them.

The hardest part of starting out a new thing in your life is the beginning of the learning process or the absorption of oneself’s thought of starting a new one. Say like you want to try a new hobby or a new career you want to pursue or maybe just a new life for yourself, the end goal will always be the mastery of any of those things. But that’s just a single point of the entire learning process. Along the way, you will be struggling with small hardships that will surely make an impact on your decision making and actions for your new path.

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If I have to make an example of it, Hive would be the perfect one. Hive blockchain – is a blockchain-inspired social media where you get rewarded potentially from your posts or through curating contributed information posted by other users in the network. But Hive has some barriers to unlock familiarization and mastery in the platform. It is a complicated network for some non-techy users and it will definitely take them some time to flatten the learning curve. While this is not true to everyone in the community, most of the users are still struggling at one point or the other in starting out Hive. That is why in this post, I will be tackling the struggles of starting out hive and how you can adjust yourself against them. Some of it is based on my experience and some are from the majority of the users.

A handy password

For a regular user like me before, I did not expect steem hive to have this kind of password security known as private keys. Aside from being a long and case-sensitive password, hive blockchain has 4 different private keys with different purposes or uses in the chain. And this kind of password feature(50 characters max) is really hard to memorize and even harder to keep safe from compromising because one mistake committed like deleting a single character is such a huge problem already.

For those who are in the startup phase of their Hive career, password security poses anxiety to your mind most especially to those who invested their real wealth in the platform. But having this kind of password feature is way better than having a personalized one which is definitely more susceptible to hacking.

The good thing is that there are other applications where you can manage your hive private keys, have them securely stored in an extension, or use a one-time password key that unlocks certain password action in the blockchain. For those starters, you can use the following applications for your convenience of using hive password/private key.

Hive Keychain
Peakd's Peak Lock


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Not enough resource credits

Not everyone in the hive blockchain powers up initially their real money to have influence in the community or to provide engagements to others. Some were just curious about how does this platform work so they signed up without any initial investment or capital to start. This is where the struggle to do more actions in the chain arises.

After signing up to hive, regular users were given limited resource credits tied to their account. These are free credits that they can use to make actions in the network because every action you do on hive blockchain like posting or upvoting costs you corresponding resource credits. So limited that users can only publish 2-3 posts or comments or upvote at a certain number of posts. Though these credits refresh daily, a newbie who's very active in the community would find this very inconvenient without them knowing the importance of limited access to the network.

Powering up hive tokens will never be their first option though that is the very straightforward solution for newbies struggling to interact in the network due to limited and low resource credits. Some will budget their resource credits and prioritize the important actions needed like posting or upvoting until they got enough rewards from those actions that will help them in increasing their resource credits. Others will ask for some support from other users or communities in a form of delegation. Delegating hive power to a certain use will increase their account’s resource credits thus allowing him/her to engage more in the community.

So if you’re a struggling user in hive due to limited resource credits, you can rectify it by following the available solutions offered by the blockchain and community.

  1. Buying hive tokens in exchanges and power them up to your account.
  2. Using your hive rewards to power up more hive power thus increasing the resource credits.
  3. Ask for a delegation from your community or friends in the network.

If you’re a Filipino user and is currently struggling with his/her limited resource credits, you can hover yourself to the HivePH community and apply for a small delegation. You must be a verified user in the platform to qualify.


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The promise of rewards

This is a common misconception in hive blockchain. Hive does not promise any guaranteed rewards to its users. Likewise, hive users should not expect any direct support from the blockchain, other users, or from whales or heavy influence users(those who invested their real money) having a great impact in token distribution. Hive is not a cash cow but for some, it’s their gateway to financial freedom.

I actually don’t see this as a struggle in starting out hive. Not because I can buy my own tokens but for the majority of the users in the chain who only have the purpose of earning free money, it is fair enough to add it up to the list. Newbies with this kind of mentality about easy money will turn out to be disappointed in the middle of the game for not meeting the expectation they foresee while some would leave the platform immediately.

I cannot pull any concrete solution for this kind of struggle because it is subjective to the user’s own personal aim in the chain. But, I can throw some cheap and simple solutions that will help newbies mitigate the feeling of entitlement of rewards and that will save them from disappointment. One viable solution is not to think of the possible rewards you’re getting. Think of it as a supplemental value to your finances and not an easy to get rich scheme. I tell you, hive is not easy money for those non-investing users.

The second solution is to pitch your posts well and engage yourself in various communities of niches and genres. In that way, you will be known by many for your areas of expertise and your own topics. This will take a lot of patience to succeed and to have that feeling of security for your posts’ valuation. But again, it isn’t easy and does not guarantee you any lifelong support. You may be rewarded for a couple of weeks or months but not always.

The last solution would be the easiest one and that is powering up your account. If you really want to have decent rewards in hive, invest it by powering up hive tokens. There are many benefits of owning a huge amount of hive power in the network. One of which is the passive interest you’ll be earning from time to time just by holding your hive power indefinitely. The other benefits include curating posts and articles or lending your hive power to other users in a form of delegation. You can sell your hive power via paid delegation. There are unlimited opportunities sitting around the corner of hive, you just have to be more productive and aggressive.


There are many struggles in starting out hive for newbies and these are some we can consider less intimidating:

If you have something to talk about your struggles in Hive, feel free to comment down below.

What is HIVE?

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