First Purchased from my Hive Earnings - Hive Playpen

Finally, I have some proof now for my family and friends that this social blockchain platform (Hive) is paying.

Binance withdrawal

It was Monday morning when I withdraw some of my Hive earnings.


I'm performing it on Binance just like others do. This was my third time doing it, and still... I'm looking at the step-by-step process of how to do it.

And it was always a success. Thanks to @callmesmile for her helpful tips and tricks in her one published article on how to perform it. Maybe she doesn't have any idea how it helps a lot of users. 😅

What I purchased

From my Hive earnings, it's my first purchase of a valuable thing. If ever you read my article before, I did use my Hive earnings in an emergency (when my baby was sick). And it's a great help, especially for a Mom like me.

Now that my baby is healthy, I bought one thing that he needs for his safety.

It's a playpen.


My baby is on its 10th month now, and he's so fast at crawling. He always ends up on the corner of the bed, and we don't want him to fall and bump his head. So having a playpen is a safe place for him to crawl.

Playpen arrived and the installation

It was Friday morning when this playpen arrived. I bought it online so it took 1 week before it was delivered.


It was a foldable one. So we need to assemble it.


My hubby helped me to build it, and it was kinda hard, especially in the last part of the installation.

Finally, we finished the bottom part.

While preparing it, I realized something.

It looks like the Hive logo. Doesn't it?


The color itself, which is black and red, plus the hexagon shape.

Can you trace it now?

Choosing a playpen online... I don't have any idea that I would end up spending my Hive earnings on a playpen that looks like a Hive. 😅

But I'm thankful it does look like the Hive logo, as it will always remind me of where it came from.


Little by little, it was nearly done.


My little one is patiently waiting while his Daddy prepared his new playing area.

And finally... After a few minutes of waiting, the playpen is ready for a cute baby's crawl.



He is kinda hesitant at first to go in.


Looking and wondering what kind of place is it.


We gave him his toy, and that pushes him to be brave to go in and enter the playpens door.

Thanks, Hive Blockchain. Because of you, I can provide for my baby's needs. This is just the first purchase from your fund, and I'm looking forward to more. Lol.


My baby is so happy that day on his new Hive playpen. That genuine smile just shows how thankful he is. Do you agree? 😊

Disclaimer: All photographs by me, unless otherwise stated.

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