Celebrating Teachers day

Worlds teacher day is on October 5 but we did our little surprise today which is October 4 for teachers day since we don't know if we still have classes on that day HAHA.

Let's see what we got!


I arrived at the school early and my classmates are collecting 20 pesos as a distribution in our little surprise. To be honest we didn't plan about it it's just a sudden plan. So we waited for our other classmate and collect 20 pesos each. Around 12:30 we went out of the school and went to the market.


And now that we are already going to the market our only problem is how much can our 350 pesos can buy. The first thing we bought was a roll cake at a bakery shop and it is worth 160 pesos. Then we went into another store to buy pizza, since we only have a little money left we are only able to buy 2 boxes of pizzas.


And we came back around 1:15 hopefully our teacher is not angry that we are late for her class. She even said 'Wow there's a cake and she makes it like she also wants it HAHA, also we greet her with a happy teacher's day.

And after our first subject, the surprise begins! We greeted our advisers with happy teachers' day and gave the cake and pizzas then they added 'kainin a natin toh, actually we plan to give it to them as a gift but it ended up we ate it. HAHA

That's why after our classes we had a simple party and also we take some pictures!

And before I end this blog I want to greet all of the teachers out there! Happy teacher's day!


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