Hive Business Card Design Entry!


I learned about the challenge in the contest channel on the @HivePH Discord server. The contest is about making a business card for a test run, and later on might mass produce it.

If you happen to be interested in this contest, you make click here for the full details.

In this process, I dragged along my friend @jude.villarta to do a collab with the business card design. Thankfully she agreed to do it together. She has a wide background in Philippine art because she paints Philippine culture and traditional concepts. Her skills and knowledge are so fitting for this contest. On the other hand, I really like designing! I do not really have an art degree and everything is just self-taught, but I think this is what I am really passionate about.

Concept and sketch


This is the first sketch I sent her. What I was thinking of a hexagon, just like the honeycomb, with the QR code inside of it. At the lower part will be the text "HiveOnBoard", "", etc. At the upper left is the Hive logo, and on the right side is here tribe art.


This is a tribal pattern by JM. The triangles represent mountains and the diamond represents the heart. There are many explanations for this pattern including the colors, but we scratched it out because it was already used. (Amazing art!)


JM's Design Drafts


I like those details around the QR codes. Those are the different platforms/communities of Hive.

Finally we came up with something that we can build up. I actually edited on Canva on a free subcription, because why not. 🤣 I still can design with the free stuff provided, haha!


1st Design (Front)


I was thinking of only using two font styles, one transitional serif and one san serifs. (I am not a font style expert, so I just search on Google) I am not sure if these are the right terms.

I do not like a lot of background design, so just the classic red Hive logo, and the noise-filtered logo.

I put the other texts in the lower right corner of the card.

2nds Design (Front and Back)

For the second design, I moved the Hive logos in the background to opposite sides. I feel like the "scan me!" font is not sleek, so I scratched that. I made the line at the lower part as same size to the red line.

On the other hand, this was my first draft for the back design. I edited the first submitted tribal pattern to black and white just to envision the background.

At the left side is the Hive member's profile picture and username. As we brainstormed, people might change their profile picture from time to time, so we ditched that idea.

I put a line divider in between to set the QR codes and links apart. I feel like the QR code is too small. Again, another line breaker that I did not feel like it is necessary to put, lol.

Instead of text, I just put the logos of the social media platforms. Text will just create more clatter, in my opinion.

Final design

Before we arrived on this design, I sent a bunch more to JM and @demotry, just to get opinions and whatnot.

So here we go!~

Front design


Changes I made:

I slight made the color pop a little bit more compared to the past design. I want to highlight the Hive logo. So not to make the background design overwhelming, I filtered the other chunk of logos to noise-filtered one. Just a balance. :D

I put the texts on the white and red strip so that the black background is not full of words.

I put the words fast, scalable, and powerful because that is how I like people to know Hive. Simple words but meaningful, right?

I just stick to three colors- white, red, and black

Back design


This is the part that I struggled with the most. It is really hard for me to put everything in balance. More elements on the table are so hard to find places that it would not be awkward.

Originally, JM's tribal art should be in the whole background. I find the QR code and the design to be dizzy-sih went piled because they have the same color and literally shapes. So what I did is I put it in the left corner with a cut of the two sides of a hexagon, which is the Hive logo.

The black background would make the card elegant. Well, you can't go wrong with black. :D

Like I said, I prefer the logos of the social media platforms and just put it on the white line.

I was contemplating if I should add the Hive PH logo. Yeah, totally included that to break the monotony of white,red, and black.

I thought to myself, okay, I think this is good. New ideas always come to mind but I should stop now because it is taking long haha! My braincells can never be satisfied. 🤣

tadaa~ My design with @jude.villarta's tribal pattern art~

Here are some mock-ups! Enjoy!😁


This is how it looks like when holding the Hive business card.


Hive business card on a clip.


The back and front design of the Hive business card.


Business card made and designed on Canva.
Mock-ups are edited on Mockupbro.
Drawing software: Procreate and Medibang Paint Pro.

That is it for this blog. I will see you at the next one!
📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart

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