The Weekly Blogging Contest for November, New HivePH Bot, and Other Updates

Blogging Contest

October went by so quickly and so did the year 2022. As we approach the last two months of the year, we will continue to provide a venue to support and encourage community members here on the Hive blockchain, especially the blogging platform.

Our blogging contests have always been well received by the Filipino community here on Hive, so we will continue to run the weekly contests with the following themes below.

For the month of November, here are the topics for each week.

Week 1 [Nov 2-8, 2022]: Horror Stories

Have you experienced getting spooked? Share with us some of your horror stories.


Week 2 [Nov 9-15, 2022]: Remembering The Departed

Tell us the memories you shared with your departed loved ones.


Week 3 [Nov 16-22, 2022]: Environmental Awareness

Anong ambag mo to a cleaner environment? It should be simple and practical.


Week 4 [Nov 23-29, 2022]: Childhood Recollections

Share with us your most memorable or unforgettable childhood stories. It could be something thoughtful, inspiring, nakakaiyak or even funny ones.


The rules are simple:

  1. Use the tags mentioned.
  2. 500-word count minimum.
  3. No plagiarism.
  4. Filipino and/or English.

There will be prizes of course but as usual, it won't be intentionally mentioned in this post. It's a surprise. Abangan na lang!

Bot Updates

@wittyzell has been busy twerking the migration of the current features of HiveBotPH to KemBot. Yes, the new HivePH bot will be named KemBot. If you recalled, she said in this post she's taking over the coding of the bot and asking people's opinion about a good name for the bot. KemBot won!

The priority right now is to migrate the existing features to the new bot. After release, we'll be slowly adding more and more features to the bot. As she has mentioned before, the new features just won't be limited to the usage of the HivePH community. @adamada has been giving suggestions on new features but if you have one, feel free to drop them here in this comment and we'll see what we can do.

We'll be expecting HiveBotPH to resign and be replaced by Kembot next month, November. As to the exact day, she'll just notify us.


It's almost the end of the year. Recall that in this previous post, we're planning to have a Christmas Party (or Year End Party if some people don't celebrate Christmas) and we have a target of 450 HBD. As to why 450 HBD, you can read the previous post.

If you have suggestions on what to do for our very first Year End Party (either virtual or face to face, still depends), please feel free to drop them all in the #suggestions channel in the HivePH discord server.

We hope that we can reach the target HBD goal so we can push through with the party plans. Ayaw nyo ba mag party tayo?!

We haven't checked yet how much na yung naipon, abangan na lang in the next post early November.

As to the people who have set @hivephilippines or @hiveph as their post beneficiary para pangdagdag sa 450 HBD goal, thank you, you da best!

As for the people who have given direct donations with the memo, thank you rin! You're the best din!

Thank you for reading!

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