Hive PH Updates

Good day everyone! We'd like to give you some awesome updates and developments in the Hive PH community. We have gone so far in this journey since our conception this year.


We are happy to say that our curation team is growing with the new curators that recently joined the family. This means we now have more eyes to see the quality posts from our ever-growing community. Please make sure to check out our curation posts regularly and continue to interact and engage with each other. Kindly add #hiveph on your tags or post through the Hive PH Community.

Hive PH Bootcamp

We are aware that there are new Filipinos from the Philippines and abroad joining Hive. The platform is a perfect avenue to voice out your thoughts and share your talents with it being decentralized, it can also be daunting and intimidating especially to newcomers.

This is why we in Hive PH are launching the Hive PH Bootcamp. This is a mentorship program designed to help our newbies during their startup. We have launched the Newbie Delegation Program months ago and we are proud to say that it has helped a lot of newcomers with their Resource Power dilemma.

We aim to show the in's and outs, do's and don'ts, and all the other basic how to's in the platform. Aligned with this, we have published several articles that are carefully worded in layman's terms to provide guidance to our new Hivers.

Power Up: What, Why, and How
Navigating Through your Wallet
Guidelines for Harmonious Relationships in Hive
A Guide to Your Hive Password and Keys
Witness Voting: An Exercise of Democracy
The Importance of Powering Up Your Idle Hive Tokens

Feel free to connect with @ybanezkim26 and @romeskie if you know someone who wants to join the Hive PH Bootcamp.

Hive PH Power Up Day

We contacted @traciyork the other day and we are glad to announce that Hive PH will be partnering up with the Hive Power Up day! This initiative is very much aligned to the Hive PH goals and we wanted to show our support. Hive PH will be contributing 100HP delegation for 3 weeks in the reward pool for this global Hive event on the 1st of October!

And we are currently brewing a local power-up event for Hive PH as well! So far, we have received pledges from generous delegators to make this project push through on October 1st. A big thank you in advance to @themanualbot, @ybanezkim26, @romeskie, and @markjason for your generosity. If you wish to be part of this initiative, please feel free to contact @romeskie.

Further details will be posted soon so please stick around!


We are also inviting you to subscribe to Hive PH to help with the curation and post promotion.

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