Hive PH Power Up Day October 1st, 2021

Thanks to @theycallmeger for our powerful cover photo.

Hive PH Partners up with the #HivePUD initiative

Hello Hive PH! In a few days will be the monthly Power Up day! I'd like to thank everyone who continues to power up each month. We are once again participating in the global initiative from @streetsyle and @traciyork for the Hive Power Up Day!

How to qualify for the prizes

Please take note of these qualifications stated in @traciyork's announcement post

  • Your reputation must be above 39 and below 70.
  • Your total Hive Power (before the 1st) must be more than 100 and less than 8000.
  • You must power up at least 10 Hive on October 1st.
  • You must write a post about your power up on October 1st with the tag #HivePUD (International)

For the Hive PH community, please don't forget to include #hiveph and #hivephPUD on your tags to qualify.

Biggest Gainer

The winner will be determined by the highest percentage of HP gain.

To calculate for your percentage of increase, we will find the difference of your before and after HP, then divide it over your HP before you powered up.

(HP After - HP Before)/HP Before power up = Percentage of HP Gain

The percentages will be ranked to determine the Biggest HP gainer.


Three winners will be chosen to receive 500 HP delegation from @hiveph and @romeskie for three weeks.

Special Award

As an added bonus, we will be selecting the best written Power Up Day article. The best article will receive 10 Hive from @hiveph. For this special award, it is not a requirement to be the top HP gainer. Even if you have the lowest gain percentage, you can still be qualified for this special award. The best Hive PH Power Up day post will be determined by the @hiveph curators. Don't forget to include #hiveph and @hivephpud on your tags.

We will be looking forward to your posts on October 1st! Don't forget to observe the mechanics so you can qualify both in the local and the global Power Up Day.

The winners will be announced after a day or two to make sure that we have tallied everyone that participated in the power up day.


We are also inviting you to subscribe to Hive PH to help with the curation and post promotion.

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We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to @themanualbot for the awesome cover photo and footer designs. Special thanks also to @bearone for the Hive PH badges.

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