Guidelines for Harmonious Relationships in Hive

Welcome new Hiveian!

You are now officially a member of the ever growing Hive Community. A decentralized platform where you are free to post anything under the sun. You have the freedom and the power to express yourself. But of course, with great power comes great responsibility. It is up to us, the entire community, to maintain peace and order within the platform.

While you are free to post anything within this decentralized platform, there are some unofficial rules that the greater population observes in order to avoid chaos. One cannot really truly say they are rules per se. Let's just call them Guidelines for harmonious relationships within the community.

Guidelines for Harmonious Relationships in Hive

  1. Find your Niche
    If you are new to blogging, this is the first tip that you will hear. Look for a particular topic that you are confident to talk about. While others already know this right at the start of their blogging journey, this can be very challenging for some. There are bloggers who take some time before they find out what their niche is.
    When you are still starting out, you might want to be on the lookout for contests and challenges. Hive PH has weekly contests. You can also go ahead and check out contests from other communities. This is a great way to start your interaction with the entire Hive community.

  2. Interact with Other Hiveians.
    Join Communities. Hive is a community based blogging platform where you can find a number of communities sharing specific interests like arts, crafts, travel, freewrite, and so much more. One of the best way to put yourself out there is to join these communities and interact from within. You can learn more about your niche and Hive in general through these communities.
    Appreciate and curate amazing posts. Your upvote matters in this community. Leave an upvote if you think a particular post is beautiful. It's like hitting the "Like" button in Facebook, but with a monetary value. Leave comments on these posts to show support and encouragement. Interaction is necessary to keep the community lively. Encourage engagement on your posts by welcoming feedback from your readers. Feel free to ask open ended questions to facilitate discussion.
    Follow for follow, upvote for upvote are practices frowned upon in this platform. Do not engage in this kind of activity. Follow accounts that piques your interest. Upvote those posts that you feel deserves the love. The key to gain followers and upvotes in this platform is creating interesting and quality posts that attracts readers. As long as you're doing that, your account will grow.

  3. Power Up
    Yes, your upvote has value but it will increase for as long as you keep powering up your account. Your posts receive rewards after 7 days, and part of that reward goes to your Hive Power. Another part is you Liquid HBD which you can go ahead and withdraw right away. When you are still starting, it is highly recommended that you power up your liquid Hive and HBD as well to increase your voting power.
    Check out this post to learn more about Powering up
    The Importance of Powering Up Your Idle Hive Tokens

  4. Give credit where credit is due.
    You are free to write anything you want in this platform. And when you write, there are some instances that you need to use a particular quote from another article, or photos from the internet. Always indicate the source of your material. When you indicate the source, be as specific as you can be. Include the link so your readers can easily find it.

  5. Be Original
    Always use your own words when writing your posts. It is fine to include some passages from other articles but make sure that aside from citing your source, you are writing from your own thoughts.
    Avoid spamming and definitely steer away from plagiarizing. Spamming and plagiarizing are practices that are highly unacceptable in the Hive platform. Do not, in any circumstances, copy another's work and post it as your own.
    If you are into videography, we highly suggest you visit this post about 3speak to help you with your vlogging journey on Hive.
    We also have Tagalog tips which you can also use as your guide if you are into creative writing.
    Tips sa Paggawa ng Tula
    Gabay sa Pagsulat ng Maikling Kwento

While these are more like guidelines rather than rules, hope these will help you with your Hiving journey. And just like any other community one belongs to, always be respectful, courteous, and helpful to others.

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