Starbucks traditions 2023 planner


I love planners. They make me organize the things I need to do and remember important dates. It motivates me to be productive since it's very easy for me to just forget no matter how important they are.

Starbucks have this yearly planners and tumblers that you could get as a reward. I mean, it's technically free but you need to collect stickers which you can get from buying their drinks during the promo period. It usually starts from November until January.

I've always been looking at their planners every year but I've never had them before. Mainly cos I hated drinking coffee at Starbucks because of the usual noisy and packed environment - there's always someone talking loudly and there's a lot of people coming and going constantly which annoyed me. But times have changed for me now because the cafe that I usually go to before is now packed AF and too noisy since it became so popular to students and people having their meetings so it's almost always full no matter the time. Starbucks stores usually still have a lot of people but they aren't as noisy as before and most people go quickly so I started going there more often. How the turntables. 😂



The 2023 Starbucks traditions collection is really attractive and I think they are pretty, especially their planners. So I got motivated to collect some stickers to get them lol.

In order to be able to claim one, during the promo period they will give you some card which contains electronic stickers inside. Each drink will get you 1 sticker and for you to be able to claim any reward (planner or tumbler), you will need 18 stickers. So yeah, 18 drinks worth is one planner. :P


Since this is my first time claiming, I was actually surprised about the quality of this one. It looks and feels so well-made for a free notebook. :P



The material feels nice and the stitching is also good. It feels a bit heavy and bulky, so for some people who always go out and need to bring this somewhere, this might not be a good choice unless they have a big bag and are okay with it.

The size is 7.4in x 5.5in (19cm x 14 cm) so it's just a good size for me.


The button here is nice lol. They have their logo everywhere but I love the quality.

The color that I got is champagne so they have the rings and buttons in silver. The black planner on the other hand has bronze.


They have the pages in a refillable pack but I'm not sure if they will ever sell pages for 2024 that will fit this. XD


It has what you need for a planner. An overview of the month where it's calendar-format and you could easily write down a summary of the day.



It also has a weekly overview and in the next pages have dotted ones where you could write some random notes. There are no daily pages so it's quite limited. In the very back/end part will have these "notes" pages.


It also has a pen. :P The pen itself looks expensive lol it is heavy but tiny.


The months are divided by these artworks with some random coffee quote on it.



I'm pretty satisfied with what I got. It's worth collecting and claiming if you are into Starbucks. If you don't like it then you can just sell them haha. I see a lot of sellers online, selling them for as high as $35. 😳 Dunno where they got those but it gives us an idea of how much it could sell. :P

This is from Starbucks Philippines tho and I don't know how they look like in other countries. I don't even know if they have them lol.

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