My One and Only 2021 Hive Highlight

Happy Christmas everyone! What a year huh? As for writing here well I haven't been writing that much. Haha. Let me tell you what my only Hive Highlight this year is.

This is my entry to the Hive Highlight community challenge


What's changed with my writing here since I joined in Steemit in 2017?

Well I wrote about why I don't write much here and in Steemit in my previous blog post. This is why I've been posting more microblogs than articles. It means most of my posts aren't the usual quality posts the curators are looking for. There are those who still upvote my microblogs since there are dbuzz curators too. That's good enough for me and I do appreciate it a lot! ♥️

I still post some articles here from time to time. I've almost completely abandoned Steemit because it's more "elitist" to get an upvote there. 🤣 Since I don't write a lot of long ones here in Hive anymore I rarely get a high amount of upvotes.

These days I just use this site like I normally would any social media account. The only difference is I write articles or daily life shenanigans/diary-like entries (and get cryptos) in microblog form or otherwise. When I do write quality articles it rarely gets high enough upvotes for various reasons. And so we come to this year's main Hive highlight.

My 2021 Hive Highlight is...

A travel related article of mine was upvoted by appreciator and neoxian thanks to their curators: Manila to Cebu Airport: The Pandemic Flight Experience. It has $35+ showing as the total upvote value. That's the most my articles have ever gotten this year. Definitely the only Hive highlight as I haven't been posting much here as mentioned.

I wanted to show how traveling by plane here in the Philippines is/was like since the pandemic and so I shared my experience. (Not sure if it's still the same now as the quarantine restrictions have become much relaxed. When traveling to other provinces we don't need to get any RT-PCR tests anymore thank God! It might also have something to do with the upcoming presidential election next year. 😂)

The runner up or next highest got $31+, another travel article of mine curated by curangel and neoxian, etc.: A Taoist Goddess and Mother Mary, One and the Same in the Philippines?.

This might look to you like travel posts get more upvotes right? Well I won't contradict that since these two got upvoted. It always feels good to see your articles appreciated by the big fishes around here. Not all my posts get upvoted like that so I'm happy I still get noticed even when I'm not as active here as before.


Thanks for appreciating my Hive posts!

But really, the best part of all this are my upvoters. For me they are what makes Hive a great place to write.

Before the year ends I'd like to say I am grateful to everyone who reads and upvotes my articles and microblogs. It means a lot since I am currently not employed right now.

I've just finished my on the job training for a new career (middle of this month) and of course I paid for it instead of the other way around. Haha. That's why I don't have any income for several months now.

I'm really glad there are writing platforms like this that can help out even just a little. Hehe. (Of course I also upvote other articles/posts when I get around.)

How about you? Do you have any kind of Hive highlight too?


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