5 Things That You Need To Do To Overcome Writer's Block

The usual hindrance of the writers is the writer’s block. It is really annoying when it hits you. It will lead to a less productive day and can lower or decrease your income. Time is important and we should not waste it. Hence, we need to use it in a wise way.

But what is writer's block? According to Oxford Languages, it is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

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I think it has two reasons; being lazy in writing or a mental and psychological aspect to the writer. It is not that severe, maybe you just need a rest.

I really hate it when I experience writer’s block. It is usually laziness, I feel that I am not productive and just wasting my time. Thus, I am looking for ways to overcome it. The following can possibly help you and every writer.

Learn to rest

I think this is one of the problems of every writer, they always want to work and write what they want. Seriously, writing can also drain our brain for thinking about a topic and content that you will write.

This is why you need to learn that rest is important for everyone. It can help us to relax and give peaceful thoughts to think. We force and abuse ourselves to think about everything and forget to take a rest.

Go outside and walk

Part of taking a rest is going outside and try to walk or even jog. You are always locking yourself inside your room and forget to go outside. Your body also needs to have some stretching...it can help you in different aspects.

You need to see the beauty of nature, it can motivate and inspire you to write. You can also get a topic while you are working. Trust me, this thing is very helpful. I tried to go to a peaceful place and think about everything, it is a great way to reflect and think.

Connect and interact with your friends and family

You always write, research, edit, and proofread inside your room and maybe you did not give yourself time to interact with the people around you. Remember, no man is an island, most of them are the people who support you, some are haters, but never forget to have a bond with the people that support you.

They are the one that pushes you to do the passion that you want and you should not forget it. Without them, you will have a hard time accomplishing your work.

You can even get some ideas from them and push you to write.

Read, Relax, and Listen to music

If you cannot think of a topic, you can try to read and get ideas from it. Reading gives a lot of benefits, it can enhance your knowledge and improve your vocabulary.

You can even relax when you are reading, if you are one of those people who loves reading and it becomes your comfort zone, then continue and go for it.

In my case, I usually listen to classical music to have some relaxation. They said it can help you to become smart. It is one of my ways to get some rest.

Think about your goal that you want to achieve

This one is the most effective for me. I always said to myself that I need to achieve my goal, because of that, I am motivated to continue and write.

It is really hard to do nothing, our time is precious and we should not waste it.

What is the thing that usually motivates you to write? I bet that it is your goal, you have a goal that you want to achieve. It is the reason why you need to write.


There are a lot of ways to overcome it, you just need to know what is the most effective for you. Observe yourself.

Furthermore, you should not focus that much on the money that you will receive. You will just aim for a bigger and bigger amount and get disappointed if you did not reach it. It will frustrate you.

Never chase the money because you will not be contented if you focus on it. Let the money chase you and focus on improving your content.

Finally, you should learn to rest and never force yourself to work. Remember that rest is important and it is not a waste of time. Continue in doing your passion in writing and beat the writers block.

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