Mtg Limited "Pro"


Haha so I guess I decided to put pro in air quotes because I've always been able to reach mythic in limited in terms of mtg arena quite easily and was sort of click baity so sorry for that, but it wasn't like it was a complete lie.
My username is goldendragon1 and when I was active that year on magic the gathering online I was ranked or tied for 36th for player of the year in limited. Also during during a standard event in khans block where dragonlord ojutai won almost all the events a gentleman named Matt Cass and I engineered atarka red to demolish that matchup. I ended taking 1st place in one of my first standard tournaments in a many many years as I normally play limited.

Well before I dive too much into everything let's see if there is anyone who is even interested in me doing MTG Arena draft recaps by running through some picks and thought process. Post and comment here please as I decide what I want to write about. (P.s. it has been awhile since I logged on arena, but I normally randomly rejoin for random sets and hit mythic)

(Also if I am doing my tags wrong or any recommendations please let me know I decided to just put the top 3 gaming communities I know of.)

I want engagement not upvotes if this continues you guys may just never see me post again or little to ever.

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