Five Fingers Death Punch – F8


F8 (Fate) is an 8 album of fingers, where we can see the simplification of the language by replacing letter with number, which remains popular in English.
It starts with the intro "Inside Out" with very easy to remember words and rhythm. Smooth and gentle drums are injected with aggressive drums.

They do not lose the ability to combine an aggressive start and gentle lyrics. The semantic thread of the album is a certain confession of Ivan, throughout the album we will be haunted by tracks with lyrics about his addiction. But it's a lot easier with the instrument. Quite recognizable and previously guitar riffs, the drummer breaks the bass barrel, and of course a magical solo.

"Full Circuit" is one of the first to tell us that there are few, if any, new things in this album for a sophisticated fan. The lyrics about the infirmity in this life that stands before and is really significant. Variety is a designation that does not apply to this album in any way.

"Living The Dream" - brings us back to the traditions of FFDP with an abundance of guitar solos, explosive drums and breaking vocals, as well as with a sharp recitative. It's still the pushy and growling extreme of lvan, intermittently changing into a jerky clean one. But that kind of freshness in the semantic part already at this stage says, "Hey, man, is this really what you want?" - It's nothing special, all the same thrill about how bad the world is. No significant differences between tracks, the same structure of games, everything is stably good and nothing stands out, without any sharp ups or downs.

"A Little Bit Off" is one of the few tracks that managed to attract attention: acoustic sound, clear vocals of Ivan, in the text of which there is a sharp contrast of atmosphere. But only this contrast can hold the attention for the first time. Next we are met by the same bored lyrics, whose inability to give anything new to this band works destructively for the band.

Everything seems to be as it should be, but their famous fingers don't strike a deadly blow - they rather perform a well-known act of self-satisfaction. The instrumental parties are depressing with their triviality.

The record does not cause a desire to go deep into it, and in general, nothing. Everything is clear here, the feelings and emotions of the vocalist, each song is a certain period of his life, it is his emotions, his pain. If you take each track separately, listen and understand the lyrics you will like them, and they will catch you, they will not leave you indifferent.

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