Muurken, local beer for #BeerSaturday

During my short trip to Belgium I had the possibility to try as well some rather smal scale and local beers. Muurken is an example of these, only 120 hectoliters have been made. My father likes to drink a beer from time to time so my brother gave him a beer basket for some occasion. My brother lives in Geraardsbergen and apparently there are some hobby brewers over there. Muurken is the product of 3 friends which one day maybe want to turn beer making into their profession. One of them is a teacher for 10 year olds and I can imagine that he’s in for a change 

The 3 friends are brewing beers for over 20 years and this time they wanted to bring an ode to The “Muur van Geraardsbergen” a hill which cyclists and people who like to watch cycling will certainly know. It’s called (translated) “the Wall” because it’s like a neverending Wall one is climbing when cycling it up. I wonder why so many cylcists and cycling lovers like (special) beers. If you know or you’d like to guess or give your opinion, please write it in the comments! You might get a ! BEER gift. 

Who was thinking this beer would be the steep stairway to heaven, will be disappointed… The beer misses body and body is what I expect in a special beer with 7% alcohol that promises a second yeast process in the bottle.
Moreover Muurken has got a bitter after taste, like some supermarket lagers tend to have. The foam stayed more compact in the Leffe glass than it was in the Chouffe glass but I might have not inclinated the Chouffe glass enough, allowing more air to enter...

Would I drink this beer again? Yes, I’d like to know if I’m mistaken, maybe I had still another taste in my mouth, maybe the athmosphere was not right, maybe… Or if I’d get one gifted I’d certainly keep it for a while because it might change because this bottle yeasting process. Would I buy this beer again or really look for it? No, I think there’s more to try for me and for De Proefbrouwerij (the brewery where Muurken has been produced) and the 3 friends more to improve.

De Proefbrouwerij makes 5 more beers I’ll have a look if there’s more of them in the beer basket if there’s something left at my next visit. 
Stay tuned for a next #BeerSaturday!

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