Beer Tasting: Green Gold Emergency Landing & Paulaner Weisbeer

Hello, beer tasters! 🍻 😎 🍻

Which beer should I taste today? Tough question :)
#beersaturday is here and it's time for new tastes. I have quite a lot of them in my fridge. I got them this week (birthday and all that ...).
I was still feeling pretty depressed, now they call me a senior citizen (maybe I should join Silver Bloggers community on Hive) :(
but the depression has passed, I feel OK and I have two cans to empty again.


The first is the one with the lower alcohol content.

🍻 😎 🍻 😎 🍻

Green Gold Emergency Landing NEIPA


Brewed by Green Gold Brewing, Ε empeter, Slovenia.
Can, 0.5 l, alcohol 5.3% ABV. NEIPA or New England IPA style which means that's an American IPA with pronounced fruity flavors and aromas and a slightly
less pronounced hop bitterness.

What do the Master Brewers say?
Not much.

Brewed with insane amounts of homegrown, local hops Styrian Dragon, Styrian Wolf, and Aurora.

I have already tasted some beers from this brewery and they've done a great job with all the beers. I hope they have on this one too.


The beer is cloudy yellow in color. The head is average and creamy. It smells of fruit and hops.

The first sip goes down the throat nicely, in the mouth I can taste the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malt but not too much. There are also fruity aromas but discreetly. Grapefruit is the most pronounced, then orange. The bitterness and fruitiness linger in the aftertaste for a long time.


🍻 😎 🍻 😎 🍻

Now the meme :)


🍻 😎 🍻 😎 🍻

Paulaner Weissbier


Brewed by Paulaner Brauerei, Munich, Germany.
Can, 0.5 l, alcohol 5.5% ABV.
It's a wheat beer, with high carbonation and distinctive banana and clove yeast character.

What do the Master Brewers say?

The number 1 yeast wheat beer in Germany and one of the most popular in the world. Naturally cloudy, shining velvety gold in the glass and under a strong foam crown that really deserves the name. As soon as it is poured, this classic wheat beer from Munich smells very slightly of banana and praises the nice balance of sweetness and bitterness.
It's the typical beer garden beer that connects people from all over the world.

Yeah, Paulaner is the synonym for wheat beer for me ...


I'm not a wheat beer fan but this one deserves a place in my fridge. Very tasty beer, the creamy head makes you feel like you're eating cream with a banana. Dessert.
My wife baked an apple strudel and I combined it immediately. This Paulaner beer goes well with it. :) 😁


🍻 😎 🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this? Nothing from my yesterday #newtunes post.

I found one fun thing, 50 styles of Master of Puppets from Metallica. Worth a look :)

Master of Puppets in 50 Styles

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More stories about beers? You can go back a little further in history! 😎 😁

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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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