Beer Tasting: AB-InBev Cubanisto and Amsterdam Old Bourbon

Hello, beer tasters! 🍻 ğŸ˜Ž 🍻

Fog. Rain. Autumn. There is nothing bright on the horizon, not even over the weekend. At home we were thinking of a quick trip but then no one was in the mood for anything like that. Well, then, each to his own plan.
I'm having a #beersaturday anyway so I'm not too worried :)

I got two cans from the LeClerk shopping center in Ljubljana, which I won't share with anyone but I'll get down to it in all seriousness.
Let's see where we are.


The more I look at these two cans, the more it seems to me that some kind of beer exoticism is on the agenda. Both beers are flavored, one with rum, the other with bourbon.

Is this the right way to brew beer or just the answer to increasingly demanding consumers who no longer know what to taste when it comes to the variety of beers on offer?
And the big corporations, in their rush for profit, are offering us their ideas of what we need?
As usual, first of all, those with lower alcohol content.

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AB-InBev Cubanisto


Brewed by commercial brewery Anheuser-Busch InBev, St.Luis, Missouri, United States. Can, 0.5 l, alcohol 5.9% ABV. It's a flavored beer, the base is usually a lager or ale with a lot of various ingredients but still recognizable as a beer.
They say:

Cubanisto is a rum-flavored premium beer with a fresh taste of citrus, orange zest, lime, and an aroma of caramelized cane sugar and treacle.

That's certainly nice to hear, but what does it really mean?
Because when I looked at the brewery's website, I saw that they brew over 200 beers, most of them licensed from others, such as Budweiser, Corona Extra, Stella Artois, Aquila, Becks, Bogota Lager, Cass, Castle, Hoegarden, Leffe, Jupiler ... well, best to give it a try.


The beer is a clear yellow color, with a lot of head that refuses to let go. First I smell it and it has no specific smell and then I take the first sip.
I immediately taste rum, citrus, lime, exactly what it says there, and the sweetness of caramel. All these flavors are quite strong and pronounced, so I try in short sips.

And where is the malt? Somewhere far in the background. And the hops? There's nothing to taste.


In the aftertaste, everything disappears quickly, leaving only the foam, which persists.
The beer is refreshing, mainly because of the citrus, but the sweet caramel gives it a certain weight so that I can't drink it quickly and in one go (which I can do with a lager or a pilsner by easily), but to sip it slowly. You can drink one all evening. It reminds me more of a Radler style, which is a mix of beer and juice, except that Radler is mild, 2-2.5% alcohol at most, but this is quite strong.

In the end, as they say, it's still recognizable as a beer. Well, I wouldn't exactly put my hand in the fire for that claim. To me, it's still exotic, and maybe I could offer someone as an example of what can be found on the shelves as beer ...

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Now I'm even more skeptical than before, I don't have a very good feeling about what the next flavored beer will bring.
But let's go bravely forward!

Amsterdam Old Bourbon


Brewed by commercial brewery Grolsche Bierbrouwerij, Boekelo, Netherlands. Can, 0.5 l, alcohol 8% ABV.
They say that's Malt Liquor style beer:

a highly-attenuated pale to amber-colored North American strong lager, in which lots of adjuncts - mainly corn, rice, or sugar - are added to the malted barley to boost the total amount of fermentable sugars, resulting in a dry beer with a higher alcohol concentration ...

Yeah, OK, but where's the bourbon? 😁


The beer is dark golden in color, clear, with a lot of foam, big bubbles, and a slow fall. The smell of alcohol, bourbon, or whisky probably. In the first sip there is at first a sweetness and flavor of bourbon and vanilla but not too much.
Like the previous beer, I can't drink this one in big sips because the alcohol is still quite strong. But there is a good vanilla and banana taste in the mouth which disappears in the aftertaste.


It's basically a good beer, flavored with spirits, you can't drink it in a hurry. It reminds me more of my youthful days when we used to "spike" our beer with brandy, usually whisky, to get the blood flowing faster, but that's another story.

Well, now you don't have to mix it, you just get it in the kit. It's more suitable for slow drinking. One of these, ok, two, is enough for the whole evening and then a deep sleep when you don't remember anything in the morning :)

If I have to choose, I prefer this one to Cubanisto because it is less sweet, but I still prefer the classic. I don't think either one will end up in my fridge.

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And what am I listening to as I write this? Something harsh and brutal, from my yesterday's #newtunes post. The perfect counterpoint to the sweetness I'm tasting :)

Knocked Loose - Forced To Stay

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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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