Beer Saturday : Three Floyds Lazer Snake


Today's entry for my #beersaturday adventure began with a pickup at our local grocery store. I do like most beers that the Indiana brewer Three Floyds makes; I saw this one on the shelf with a 7-28 fill date, so I spent a few bucks and picked it up. What could go wrong? It's Three Floyds, it's an IPA, and it sits at 7% ABV.


Well, believe it or not, this isn't a bad beer. It's also not a good beer. I'm not sure what is going on with this one; it's bland. It has a bit of bitterness to it, but there isn't a lot of flavor to it. It's not's just kind of boring.




This sounds awful and politically incorrect, but for a minute I thought maybe I had the virus and wasn't able to taste anything. Horrible thought, right? For a beer first worry is that I finally got the virus. Well, that wasn't the case, as I fired up the Weber yet again to enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and the subsequent dinner tasted wonderful.


Don't mind the Jolly Pumpkin glass...that was a gift from a friend years ago. Dinner tonight included some grass-fed beef steaks and veggie kabobs.



Easy yet again...a few beers, a September afternoon with the family, and grilling. I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can before winter rolls in.


The beer was ok, but hey, you are bound to get a few duds now and then. I was ok with it though; today was a wonderful day.


Thanks for stopping by to check out my Saturday beer fun; until next weekend...I sense a Fest Beer in the air...

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