Beer Saturday : One Barrel Brewery's Ninja Dust


For this #beersaturday share, I stumbled upon one last hoorah (for a bit, anyway), with a Madison, Wisconsin brewery's "juicy" IPA. The name of the brewery is One Barrel Brewing Company, and years ago, I visited this group when they had just started out. Now, apparently, they are canning...time flies in the craft beer world!


The beer is pretty good. The fill date was within a year, and it indeed tasted
juicy. It's a classic Citra, Mosiac, and centennial brew...not over the top with hops, yet bitter enough to know you are drinking an IPA. The ABV is about 6.5 % ABV, so getting through these six won't be an issue.




It's a good beer, but I can't say I'd get this one again. It tasted ok, but it wouldn't be one that I'd seek out specifically again. If it were on tap, I'd drink it for sure, however.

So why is this my last hooray for beer?


That's me, with my reading cheaters on and contemplating a cleanse...yeah, I'm getting old. And I look grumpy. My goal is not to drink any alcohol until the Christmas/holiday season. It's probably a foolish goal but I wanted to try it out as we head into last December. To celebrate the start of my new health goal, I went for a solid 3.88 mile hike in +5F wind chill temperature today. Cold! Yet the view from atop the bluff was wonderful...


So with that said, for the next few #beersaturday posts, I'm going to review a few NA beers for fun. Who knows, maybe you might have a recommendation for me; and, with some luck, if you were to go on a dry January, some might sound good to you too!

If you want to join the fun, please feel free to check out the link below :


Thanks for reading, and hope you too are having a wonderful Saturday too!

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