Beer Saturday : New Glarus Moon Man


Last week was a rough one; I have a new boss, a new job, new job expectations, and more new bosses. Oh yeah, and I'm still working at the place I've been stuck at for the past 15 years. Sad, yes, I know. Very sad, indeed. To top it off, my new two new bosses wanted to have "drinks" with me last Thursday. We ended up at the old bar I've posted on before, and I drank way too many double IPAs. I held it together, thankfully, but the next morning was a bit rough. So for the weekend, I went with an old standpoint session beer...the Moon Man.


Having worked on our backyard most of the afternoon, I decided to get the grill going for some cheeseburger and hot dog favorites. Moon Man is the perfect beer for some late afternoon cool-down fun. It's only 5% ABV, described as a pale ale, and it goes down way too smoothly and quickly. I opted to go with a Potosi Brewery National Brewing Museum pint glass for the occasion.


After getting the grill going, our daughter decided to "water the ducks" in her play pool. So that was easy enough to enjoy my first pint of the day.


Yeah, that's right. That's a bubble machine she got for her birthday in the background. Also note the snow shovels. Yeah, I know it looks like spring in this photo, but I've been a native of Wisconsin long enough to know that snow can still dump on us in the next few weeks. The weather likes to fool with us up here, you know?


With the grill prepped, I put the savanna raised and fed CSA beef on the grill. Then I had another beer, and a few minutes later, after reverse searing the patties, ended up with this:


The Weber comes through again! I'm giving yesterday's Moon Man(s) a perfect 5.0/5.0 for the Saturday win. Hey, I know my job sucks, but at least I have my Saturday afternoons with my family. "Keep it in perspective, Dustin," I tell myself all of the time.

That was it for my #beersaturday. Not as exciting as most new beers I've been trying, but definitely a delicious one. Thanks for checking out the post, as always! Hoping everyone had a great Saturday too out there in Hiveland.