Beers are very affordable in Benalmadena. You can buy a can of beer at the supermarket for 30 to 35 Euros cents. They are cheaper than a can of soda. Back home, in Singapore, the beer I usually drink cost about $1.80 - about 1.20 Euros for a can in the supermarket. And it’s one of those on the cheaper ends.

The three beers I go for here in the Arroyo supermarkets are Amstel, Holandesa, and Steinburg Classica.

Amstel is a brand of beer founded in 1870, which since 1968 has been owned by the Dutch group Heineken International. - Wikipedia.

Holandesa beer and Steinburg Classica are both house brands, carried by Carrefour and Marcadona respectively.

All three beers are perfectly drinkable to me. They have the same alcohol content – 4.8%.

In the restaurants, I will go for the draft beers. A cold draft beer seems to be the ideal drink on a hot summer day.

In Benalmadena, Cruzcampo and San Miguel seems to be the two dominant brands. Cruzcampo has breweries in Seville, but it is now part of the Heineken corporation. San Miguel beer is owned by the San Miguel Corporation.

I don’t have a favourite beer. I will drink whatever beer there is. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of acquired taste. You get used to the taste after a while.



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