Survived the heat wave. Sadly it’s the last beer of my birthday present. 5/5 beers consumed.

My favorite type of presents - craft beers. There were 5 of them and now it’s time to have the last one. Luckily, the heat wave has passed and now, although still hot it’s more easily manageable. Last beer from my birthday present set is a Pale ale.

In a world of special IPAs, various dessert stouts and funky sours, I feel like the pale ale is somehow left on the side. These mind blowing hop bombs and special ingredient brews are in the center of the stage and everyone talks about them, mainly. It seems like To Øl guys from Denmark have decided to write that this is Pale Ale a lot of times everywhere on the can, in case you have forgotten about this style. 😁

The beer itself is named The House of Pale and comes in 330 ml serving. The beer is brewed with Equanot hops, which should add some citrus notes and some melon and berry taste as well. Being a pale ale this beer should be quite easy drinkable and very fresh.

The color is relatively light with some golden hints. The head is big and stays long. It’s not the finest foam, but who really cares? This may be due to the glass also, or the pouring style, so not a factor here. When pouring it becomes to release its fine aroma and it is truly citrusy and fruitful one.

In the mouth, the beer is delightful and brings utter joy. It’s not high alcoholic, so there’s barely anything that can bother your experience of enjoying and cooling yourself. The beer may be not so expressive and rich like a good IPA, but it has still a good amount of this hoppiness. It really feels like a very fresh beer, which has not spent much time on the shelves in the shops, or in some storage area.

When getting the best joy of this moment my son came and asked “Daddy, can I have a bit? It looks good!” Well, I cannot say that I allows him to drink, but let’s just assume that he got the chance to taste the foam a bit. And maybe a little bit of the beer itself…

He always comes to me and wants to try these various interesting beers and he is very happy when he gets the chance to try even a drop of these beautiful craft beers. He seems to like all the things I’m enjoying too. 😁

I would definitely like to enjoy this beer many more times and Equanot hops seems a very delicious and fruitful one. But this sadly was my last beer from my birthday present set. Now I’ll wait for the next year’s one to receive more beers… I’m joking of course, my sisters in law always bring me some nice craft beers when they visit us. So this was it... Beer 5/5 and I have to say all of the beers were great and enjoyed with extreme pleasure.

See ya!

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