Strawberry Smooch, an Estonian craft beer. It’s time for something fresh!

Well, I guess that during the extreme heats, it’s best to enjoy some IPAs and some Sours. In my previous beer post there was a pretty sweety NEIPA, so it’s turn for a Sour beer, right?


I bought this one from the beer bar in Asenovgrad - from my last post and it was about 2,6$, which is quite reasonable price, and given the fact the weather was not too hot I decided to enjoy the beer on my terrace.


This is an Estonian craft beer from the Purtse Brewery. It’s not the first beer from this maker to enjoy, and they seem to be brewing mainly some very crazy and wild spurs like the Plaadimeri beer that is a tomato Gose with hot peppers. I remember having this and it tasted really wild.


Today’s sour is a Strawberry gose, brewed with Himalayan salt and real fruit purée. I’m quite a big fan of sour beers and I enjoy the different tastes that brewers decide to put inside. Every fermentable fruit (of course all of the fruits are fermentable) can be used to infuse the grain fermenting mixture and only the imagination of someone is a limit for the final taste.


The beer is a bit hazy in the glass, of course very expected and it smells really fresh - acidic with a touch of strawberries. There is some reddish hint too, as a subsequence of using these fruits. Strawberries are also one of my favorite fruits so the beer has to be well enjoyed by me.


In the mouth, sourness is substantial, but not so aggressive, like some other beers that I had had recently. The strawberry purée gives a bit of sweetness and balance the acidic profile of the brew. Himalayan salt is also there, and it finishes the overall taste very balanced. The carbonation is still on the high levels, but really I need this in a hot summer day!


Luckily enough, there wasn’t much sun, because my south facing terrace can be quite hot in the summer days. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy this beer outside and the freshness of the weather corresponded perfectly with the freshness of the beer.


All I can say is that the beers from the Purtse brewery are solid and pretty well made. There are some other beers of them available in Bulgaria, so I will most likely buy some of them if I’m lucky enough to find them in the craft beer shops.

So, that’s for now, see you soon and have a nice week!

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