Premium Citra Ale #BeerSaturday

It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in a #beersaturday.

I’ve been living a bit cleaner and healthier the last month since returning from holiday. Eating more wholesome food, and given up larger amounts of alcohol.

However, the Mrs bought home a little surprise from her trip to the shop.. and since I’d been on a decent sized run today we treated it with pizza and wings. This is our favourite pizza shop in Moreton Bay. The pizza and hickory bbq roasted wings were heaven on the tastebuds, even more satisfying after a months clean eating… and what better way to wash it down with an ice cold brewski.

My wife picked this one up from a Korean shop at a local shopping centre. I cant tell you too much about the description of the beer, as you can see most of the writing is in Korean.

What I can tell you is that it’s Premium Citra Ale has an ABV% of 4.5% and stands at 500ml. It appears to me that the brewing company is Kabrew and it is a beer brewed in the Namsan Mountain area in Korea.

Once again I can’t tell you too much more as a result of language barriers.. but I can definitely tell you how it goes..

Upon pouring it a nice golden colour existed, with plenty of bubbles voyaging to the surface. Wasn’t overly frothy and easy to pour.

After devouring a few wings first, the initial sip was the perfect accomplice. A refreshing bitterness and citrus flavour was present, perfect for contrasting the sweetness of the wings.

A few more gulps, before I started to go to work on the pizza. Every gulp was full on flavour and had me feeling more comfortable and relaxed than the last.

That’s the beauty of alcohol and fast food for me I reckon. When it’s consumed less frequently and in moderation it hits the senses a lot stronger, and is therefore enjoyed significantly more and provides greater satisfaction.

Definitely enjoyed my first beer in a while, as we set in for a cozy winter night at home.

The Koreans make some pretty decent beer, and this 🍎 doesn’t fall too far from the 🌳

Hope everyone’s having an awesome weekend 🤙

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