Riding out the Storm

Vancouver Island Brewing released a Summer series with a variety pack. Tonight, I enjoyed the Point Break Sour. It's a 5.0% alc. brew. I enjoyed the cheerful and Summery label design. It's simple and reminiscent of those vintage travel posters in the olden days of the mid-20th century. The marketing blurb on the side label reads as follows:

This West Coast Sour hits your palate like a wave crashing against the point at Jordan River. This tart, refreshing ale was made to tell the tale of riding out a 50-year storm!"

While the inebriating effects were somewhat mild, what it lacks in strength, it makes up in quantity (473 mL). I don't like sour beers, but I'm sure someone with a different palate may ride out that 50-year storm with this brew. And well, you can never go wrong with a little experimentation.


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