Learning more about a 150 years old Greek Beer - FIX HELLAS (Beer Challenge)

I was thinking of participating to this Beer Challenge for quite some time and its seems that TODAY is the DAY!

This is #BeerSaturday week and I would like to invite @solymi me to write a post in any language about beer with at least 3 pictures.


This BEER is one of the historical beers in Greece.
Its name? Hellas FIX!


I like this beer, it has a light taste and very balanced.

From their website

The Greek beer has a proud heritage and eventful story stretching all the way back to 1864. With the weight of history to support it, FIX Hellas stands for steady timeless values and is internationally recognized with no less than 38 gold medals and awards.

Imagine drinking a beer with a 159 years of history!

Let me take you through the photos of today.
I went to the beach to do some photo shooting, and I also posted a post in my instagram mentioning that the photoshooting is sponsored by Hive :)


If we travel back in time, more than 150 years ago, we can also see the history of the beer


Greece was trying to reconstruct itself after liberation from the Ottoman Empire, when Ioannis Fix comes to Athens from Munich to find his father, who is subsequently shot dead in Magufana, the present-day suburb of Pefki. Deciding to stay, then settle in nearby Iraklio, Ioannis begins beer production to cater for the many Bavarian officers. The first beer brewed in the country naturally takes the family name of FIX.

(I would not guess that FIX is actually a last name, wow)

That's it for now!
But before I close this post, I would like to share two Christmas photos!



Are you wondering if I drunk it?
I just finished work today, it is almost 23:00 and I just opened a cold one trying to rest for the day!


I hope you enjoyed this post - please don't be harsh, it is my first beerchallenge post :)

Thank you for visiting!

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